Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Gay Agenda: We Don't Need Rainbow Libertarians

The Gay Agenda: We Don't Need Rainbow Libertarians

Don't be fooled by the gay agenda

Knowing that...

I am unapologetic in my view, but coming from an upper class family, we do not discuss personal matters in public. Why is America now infatuated with what people do in their bedroom? Why do people willingly, publicly tell about their fetishes to the world?

Gov. Gary Johnson
For a nacent political party, trying to win over the masses of people, albeit correctly based upon the tenets of the foundation of the country, to put themselves on a weak political foot by identifying itself with an unpopular label such as gay, bi, lesbian is political suicide.

There is no honor in labeling yourself and identifying yourself. Nor is it even remotely in the best interest of the Libertarian party.

I have constantly, this agenda aside, made speeches and videos and written articles talking about the complete lack of understanding of politics in the Libertarian party. I constantly am shocked at Libertarian candidates who have no idea how the political game is played. We shoot ourselves in the foot constantly and wonder why we aren't as successful, as we think we should be.

While everyone rushes to put their business in the street, it would be wiser to not discuss it at all. It is a political party, not a cause. The two are very much different.

I would hope and think that all LP members would seek to further the party first, and put aside their own personal causes. But this entire forced openess will make the very people we are trying to gather into the fold, meaning the general public, to run for cover. And, if you think "we don't need them", you are very much wrong.

The general public has a fragile psyche, are sheltered, are very traditional. Keep in mind a vast majority of the voting public is over the age of 40.

We need to be wiser than the wise in this party. We need to run congressmen and senators galor. Having a Libertarian president, standing alone in the white house, would nearly serve no purpose. Not that it wouldn't be great, but without congressional support or a solid base, he'd probably get nothing done, and would be blamed for all failures of congress and only be there one term.

A political party is not a cause. It's just politics. We will not further the Libertarian party by trying to promote rainbow libertarians. It will simply chase people away, who would otherwise stop, listen and maybe vote for the party. The party comes first. Your own personal agenda comes second. And frankly, if you want your own personal agenda to supersede the party, then you're not a very good libertarian to begin with, because the party stands for freedom, which also means privacy.

I AM BLACK. But, I am not a Black Libertarian. I am just a Libertarian.

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