Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ron Paul Winning

Ron Paul Winning

For those not paying attention...

Apparently Ron Paul is actually winning the delegates in these caucuses. The media is not reporting this, in hopes that the pressure they put on him will dry up his support. However, unlike the two alleged front runners, Romney [ the Democrat that pretends he's a Republican ] and Gingrich, Ron Paul support believe in their candidate's cause. Ron Paul supporters believe that the cause Ron Paul is running for is much larger than just and election. That being said, media bias against Dr. Paul will not drive away his supporters. It has been shown that the more the media downplays Congressman Paul or tries to ignore him, the more organized and efficient his support gets.

Congressman Ron Paul
With four years to really hone their skills and learn from the miraculous dark horse that was the Obama campaign, the Ron Paul campaign is taking a page right out of the socialist turned Democrat's rule book, GET DELEGATES. While Senator Hillary was scrambling for media attention and general support, Senator Obama was gaining delegates. When convention time rolled around, he had swept the delegates. He used this same strategy to win the presidency as well, as did Bush.

The Paul camp has learned this and is implementing it post haste. The rule book has changed and popular support is no longer the thinking man's method to gain the presidency. While dim witted voters are left to flounder at media attention of candidates that are not going to win the election, people like Bush, Obama and now Paul are winning elections. However, because the media couches the subject in terms the general public cannot understand on any intellectual level, it comes out looking "underhanded".

We are constantly taught that ours is a democratically run country. However, with two seconds of research, one immediately finds that we are not in any way shape, form nor fashion, democratic. Ours is a representative rule. Even are elections are done by representatives. The ultimate voters are delegates and the electoral college. Those are the people that elect candidates and ultimately the president.

Bush did not win the popular vote, everyone knows that. However, he did win the electoral college. And, that is all, in the end, that even matters, as far as the presidency is concerned.

Paul is trying to win this, not come out as Mr. Popularity. It is obvious, with the media blackout that he cannot win that coveted title. So, he'll have to just settle for winning the presidency instead.

Ron Paul supporters seem to understand all of this and participate nearly 100%, unlike the other candidate supporters. They believe in his cause and actually show up to the caucuses and vote in all the primaries. All the polls be damned, it is the people that show up that put buts in seat that count.

Ron Paul Running for President of the U.S.
As the only Republican that is not a Neo-Con [ global government, social engineering, financial engineering, fiscal engineering and crony capitalism ] and as the only real conservative out of the entire bunch that still believes in small government, free markets and real civil rights, Ron Paul stands as the last real Republican and not a RINO [ republican in name only ].

The neo-conservative movement [ where liberals switched to the Republican party ] has dwarfed the entire Republican, conservative party, to the point you cannot identify any republican left. For Gingrich and Romney, both neo-cons, to be presented as the Republican front runners,  it speaks volume about the complete disarray of the party.

The media bias against Dr. Paul also speaks volumes. The media is generally known to be leftist leaning, including Fox News. As such, they would only accept neo-cons as their enemy of choice.

When speaking of "there is not difference between republicans and democrats", it should be understood to mean, "there is no difference between neo-cons and democrats. And, there is no difference. All the neo-cons, which have a 60 year history now, are in fact democrats. They simply name themselves republicans.

So while the nation is focused on neo-cons that get media adoration, Dr. Paul, an actual Libertarian Republican is reviled as some hated enemy, which all Republicans should be, i.e. Libertarian Republicans.

For the media to laud neo-con republicans, is simply an exercise in self-ejaculatory back patting.

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