Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Gay Agenda

The Gay Agenda

Don't be fooled, 95% of homosexuals are not activist; don't care about the "gay agenda"; don't want to get married to anyone; don't want to adopt someone else's brat; don't hate their moms; work out for self defense, not look nice with their shirt off; have no fashion sense; have no artistic abilities; can't quote pop albums; are nerds; are not religious; do not believe in god; do not attend anyone's church; and couldn't give a rat's butt about any of the issues, the gay activists preach about and spend their money lobbying for.

No Gay Agenda, Just Watching Hockey
Literally, in every large city 80% of homosexuals do not go to gay clubs; do not flaunt their sexual fetish; do not hang out in public; do not hold hands in public; do not kiss in public; nor do any deviant sexual fetish in public. There are underground dinner groups that circulate around the cities where these non-participating homosexuals meet each other and get to know each other on a more personal basis and not a bar scene type of environment.

It is a shame that the gay lobbyists have taken it upon themselves to actually disenfranchise a majority of their own "people." I say "people" because most homosexuals don't want a label at all, and actually hate people that label themselves and others. It seems there is a silent majority of gay people who want nothing more to do with the gay activists than the non-gay people, who are against it.

What can we learn from this

At only 3% of the population, it is hard to understand how such a small group impacts the nation. It is even more mind boggling when the above facts are presented, i.e. that 95% of self identifying gay people, do not participate at all in any activism. When it is then shown that key members have worked their way into the media and politics, it is clear how 5% of a group that is only 3% of the population uses their position for their own agenda. It is literally 20 people that have used their position to make the entire country talk about what THEY want. At the end of the road, you find the truth, money. It is not that there's a gay agenda, per se, by itself, it's that monied people behind those loud 20 people, are pushing the gay agenda to exploit that 3%. Why? Because that 3% has more and spends more than most of the general population.

The gay agenda then is nothing more than a few gay people exploiting 9 million of their fellow gay people. Or, more accurately, wall street exploits a few people that are homosexual, into starting a campaign to switch public opinion on the homosexuals, turning it into the word "gay" and then a huge marketing campaign to make "gay" people only buy the finest things and convince them that they are the thinkers, artists and muses of the population. As shown above, there is no such thing as a "gay" artistic talent. Most artists and artistic people are actually straight.

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