Monday, February 13, 2012

Will Ron Paul Be The Final Death of the Republican Party

Will Ron Paul Be The Final Death of the Republican Party

I believe this Republican primary season has several things working against it. If the entire party doesn't stop for a second, take note of what is going on, take stock of what they ultimately want to achieve and quit tearing down their own party, it is going to be the final death of the Republican party after this election. And, by final death, is meant that the Republican party as it stands right now is not anywhere near the Republican party as was started in 1854, and this primary season will bring to light, in full color, how the party is completely fractured and irreparable.

  1. the republican party is completely and utterly infiltrated by neo-cons, to the point that they are now setting policy at the highest level, for the party [ they are not conservative; they do not have traditional republican values; they do not adhere to core republican beliefs about fairness and equality that the party was founded on]
  2. the neo-cons are diametrically opposed to Ron Paul; they will do their best to thwart him
  3. given that everyone inside the loop and beltway knew and knows that Bush, and now Obama, cheated to secure the candidacy and presidency, they are proceeding with the most nefarious primary season yet to be seen since the tremendous fraud Kennedy committed during his nomination; they have willfully and fraudulently fixed their own primaries against Ron Paul 
  4. they are attempting to put a puppet democrat in place, Mitt Romney, as the republican candidate; he is, in no shape form nor fashion, a republican; he's not even a neo-con; he is a by the book democrat; and there is no way that several states voted for him; it is obvious that they committed fraud to make him appear much better than he was in Iowa and the rest; people have come forward saying the Perry and Bachman's camp were told to make their followers vote for Santorum or Romney to thwart Paul; so the other candidates were all in collusion to thwart Paul,
    Paul supporters have, almost to a man, all said they will not vote for anyone in the Republican party except Paul; this means, come actual election time, If Paul is not the Nominee, the Republicans are automatically defeated; without the entire Paul camp and voters voting come election time, the Republicans will not have anywhere near the votes that Obama will have and it will be a landslide the likes of which have never been seen before.
  6. given the amount of fraud that has been going on in the primaries and the caucuses, it is obvious the neo-cons fear Paul and his supporters; the Paul block is huge and growing; Paul is, after all, the tea party choice; between the tea party and the Paul supporters, the neo-cons will not be able to get a block that size and cohesiveness; the neo-cons therefore are shooting themselves in the foot by not allowing Paul to win, the nomination and the election
  7. the neo-cons fear that a Paul will, would mean and end to the feeding frenzy in Washington that has been going on for the past 40 years; Dr. Paul would implement measures that would curtail insider trading, abuse of power; corporate politics; corporate capitalism; and crony capitalism; such measures would spell the end of neo-cons; so the neo-cons are forfeiting any pretense to help their own party, in favor of trying their best to remove Paul from the primaries and caucuses; so instead of a republican win, they want a neo-con win; it cannot be done without Dr. Ron Paul 

AND THAT IS POLITICS, now it is in favor of Congressman Paul and not the neo-cons. They are literally backed up against a wall.

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