Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Real Meaning of Black History Month

The Real Meaning of Black History Month

We now have idiot stars like Morgan freeman coming out against Black history month. We have traitorous Black youtubers posting stupid videos with millions of views coming out against Black history month. The bottom line is they are shills for the white power elite. Someone has told them something in a soothing logical sounding voice and they have completely ignored the true meaning and purpose of Black history month.

The Idiot Morgan Freeman
The true aim of Black history whould be African history.

No other group comes to these shores without a complete and intact sense of their own people's history, culture and values.

All of our history was stripped from us and is constantly denied and rewritten into a white superiorty view.

A people's history is the foundation upon which they build their future. The white powers that formed the country were well aware of this. African Americans are so distanced from their beginnings that they now deny even coming from African ancestrally, however foolish that sounds.

Ultimately, learning about one's history is not about some childlike feel-good view of a bunch of Black inventors, it's about capturing a complete foundation of a people and building a financial future. The reality is Black people burst the bottom of every possible financially list in existence or even thourhgt up.

Who cares about slavery if that knowledge does nothing to further us? How many years has Black history month been implemented? Yet, the economic divide between white and Black income is getting worse, not better.

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