Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Am Not a Teabagger

A Message to Obama Worshipers

*sigh* I've said it before, but apparently, I was ignored.  I AM BLACK.  I VOTED FOR OBAMA.  However, I have a political science degree and can see quite easily what is going on in the country.

Blacks are approaching nearly 50% unemployment.  There has NOT been a pull from Iraq and Afghanistan.  We have lost millions upon millions of jobs.  The dollar has not only sunk to a new low, but is in danger of DEFAULTING EVEN MORE.  Yes, that's right, WE'VE ALREADY DEFAULTED YEARS AGO.

If you have a college degree, even in liberal arts, you'll easily be able to see that Obama has done everything in his power to staff his cabinet with wall street heavy hitters, not just the peons, but the heavy hitters.

I was also registered democrat.  But, with a modicum of homework, I quickly realized that the two parties are one and the same.  *GASP* oh shocking... oh my zeitgeist is come crashing down around my ears, democrats and republicans can't be the same.  Oh, come on.  Really?  You can't be in that much denial.

Anything Bush did, is long gone.  This is the 3rd year of this guy's term of office.  He has signed into law, much legislation of his own.  Also, he was never forced to sign into law anything that was going on during the Bush term.  You do recall that Bush was a Republican and this guy is a Democrat. 

I don't need to go into a brief history lesson of how Clinton did not sign into law anything that his Republican predecessor arranged.

Come on, you all are smarter than this.  There have been Black women, men, on this page, Latinos and others who are OBVIOUSLY not republicans.  We are all saying the same thing.  This president is not speaking for the people, he is speaking for wall street.  In fact, Bush wasn't even Republican.  At the end the Republican party and congress fought him tooth and nail.  WHY? Because, he too, was a corporatist.  He ramped up the deficit higher than any democrat / republican preceding him.  This guy is doing the same exact thing.

Give up.  Take your licking and admit that you were duped.  Remember, Obama is POLITICIAN.  Who cares about his speaking abilities when china is raping us, jobs are flooding out of the country, food prices are skyrocketing and the darling of the Democratic party of issues, SOCIAL SECURITY, is the first thing on the chopping block.  What's worse is he has committed unconstitutional crimes over and over and over.

The time for giving him a pass is way over.  Who cares that he's half Black.  Who cares that he's articulate.  Who cares that the country was bad under Bush.  I have a clue for you.  Bush wasn't the cause of the housing bubble.  We Americans were the cause of the housing bubble.  Bush wasn't the cause of this economic depression.  We were the cause of this economic depression.  Bush wasn't the cause of jobs hemorrhaging out of the US.  We were the cause.

For all the blame that I, personally, laid at Bush's feet, the reality was that he no more caused it, than I did.  In fact, the housing bubble started under Reagan, skyrocketed under Clinton and came to a halt under Bush. 

For all the bleeding and weeping we have for these people losing their homes, at the end of the day, it is their own greed that got them into it.  Do you think for a second that someone purchasing a $30,000 home EVER got into trouble?  Do you think someone that paid CASH for their home, [ oh an yes 30% of homes are STILL paid for in cash, like everyone did in the 30's 40's and 50's ] got into trouble?

Obama is not special.  He doesn't deserve your worship.  He deserves your scrutiny.  And, do NOT rely on the news to do your thinking for you.

I offer you an olive branch.  Without you, the country cannot be healed.  If the millions of Obama worshipers do not quickly wise up, we are going to be plunged into the worst nightmare, even this current session could not hold a match to.  Please, just stop the Obama worship and think for a second about what is going on.  The wars, the money, the budget, the drop in the dollar, the wall street CONTINUOUS bailouts, the food inflation, the energy inflation, the middle class slipping into poverty, the staggering job loss.

There is an alternative, to this two party monopoly.

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Anonymous said...

they see you trollin, you hatin. Its ok, everyone go back to work, a black guy said it's ok to hate Obama, and president bush is absolved of his sins. I mean you heard it from the black guy, it must be true. you have a very linear approach to a very entrenched problem, I thought you would have a little more finesse with that fancy Political science degree.

Anonymous said...

I think your characterization of people worshiping Obama is a strawman argument that serves no purpose other than giving you something to rant against. Or perhaps you could indicate exactly which part of the political populace is worshiping him. It isn't the far left. Their displeasure is a obvious as the far right. It isn't the moderate progressives, they know better. It isn't the independents. So who is worshiping him? Chris Matthews? Write him an email, and stop pretending their widespread adulation going on.

I could destroy most of your other declarations, but you're so far off base that the time required isn't worth it. But as a start, I'd suggest looking into the the housing crisis a little further, which essentially boils down to bankers building their house on a foundation of sand, then blaming the sand when the house of cards comes crumbling down. Ya, you can blame the sand because it had responsibilities, but you'd be an idiot to build there in the first place.

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