Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The "N" Word

The "N" Word

Oprah had a series of shows where she was trying to get Black "artists" [ yes the word is used rather weakly ] to stop using the "N" word.  Mind you, the only Black "artists" that would even use the "N" word, would be those who aren't artists at all, if you get my meaning, yes rappers.  So she called on several artists to stop using the word and made them promise on national TV to stop doing so.  Well for a few weeks, her rating were up for that.  Then she moved on.

There was no stopping using the word.  The stupid "artists" are not the ones who are even promoting using the word.   Most, nearly 99%, rap songs are written by white or jewish "lyricists" who work for big huge music industry corporations.  They have entire departments dedicated to making sure the "N" word stays in fashion.  They have already figured out that the market loves using the "N" word.

It might shock you to know that 75% of all rap music is bought by suburban, white, male, teens.  That right, little white kids are the largest audience for Black rap.  So the target market is a group that is outside of the actual genre, looking in.  Black rappers are not speaking to a Black audience.  They are speaking to a white audience.

That being said, the prolific use of the "N" word in rap and music and on TV in general, is for a white audience.  Everyone, the average unintelligent American, thinks Black rappers are saying the "N" word amongst themselves.  I happen to be Black.  I don't use the "N" word and have plenty of Black friends who never use the "N" word.  The only time the "N" word is used, is to insult someone.

Yes, the "N" word, is, was, and will always be, an insult to BLACK people.  Anyone saying it's for anything other than a Black person, is an idiot, and unfit to live.  [ but that's just my opinion ] [ I'm almost kidding ] [ no I'm not ] [ ok maybe I am, but you'll never know ]

How Does the "N" Word Survive

Of course, everyone knows that the "N" word dates back to slavery.  It was used to describe and denigrate a race of people and keep them subjugated.  It was normally coupled with: filthy; no-good; heathen; disgusting etc.  So, no it was never a descriptive word talking about someone's work ethic or their lack of motivation.  [ I have had people try and describe the word to mean those things *sigh* ]

Now, slavery only lasted a few decades, actual slavery.  It was over in one generation.  The aftermath of course, is another story.  And, that's where the word really comes into play.  To keep the Black population subjugated, the "N" word was prolifically used.  The white population in America wanted to make sure that the Black population never gained any wealth, nor power and "stay in their place". 

The only way that the "N" word survives today, is through media.  Media promotes the word at every opportunity it gets.  If the word is coming out of a Black face, noone can say that it is a white man subjugating a Black man.  His own people are using it, right?  The truth is, that for the word to survive, ONE GENERATION HAS TO TEACH IT TO THE NEXT GENERATION.

Now, only an idiot would keep alive something that is such a scar on your life and the lives of your ancestors.  Only a brazen imbecile would promote that which harkens to the days when you were not considered human, nor worth the full worth of a white man.  Am I right?  Why would you keep the word alive?

The word needs to die.  For the most part, I never hear racial slurs about other races.  Or, shall I say, I never hear racial slurs to anywhere near the frequency that I hear the "N" word.

Stop being idiots and lets put that word to the grave, buried with the slaves that were whipped with it during their lifetime.  It needs to die along with our ancestors.

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