Saturday, July 16, 2011

Announcing the Nevada Libertarian Facebook Group

Join the Nevada Libertarian Facebook Group

If you are liberty minded and wish to join Nevada Liberty Group, you do not have to be a paying member of the libertarian party.  Just join us, or ask me to invite you. I welcome any and all people that believe you can speak for your own money and where it should god.  The problem most people do not understand about politics is that we have a two party system that does not allow anyone else in on the party and does not speak for the country, but only for themselves.  They have allowed government to be run as a money making scheme and not a way of protecting the country and its citizens.

Nevada Libertarian Group
If you are already on facebook, join me and friends in the Nevada Libertarian Group, in the discussion and voice your opinions on political matters that are on your mind.  Noone there is a republican, nor a democrat.  No discussion about what the "other party" is doing, since we are not a part of that two party monopoly.  You are the ones that should be in control of government, and not government in control of you.  But, this has been the status quo for at least a hundred years.

Time and again people are told about how the government needs your tax dollars.  The reality is the government doesn't even use your tax dollars.  Since they have a private bank that can lend them untold sums of money, they simply use the tax issue  to further their two party support.  Ask a republican about taxes and they'll point at the democrats.  Ask a democrat about taxes and they'll point at the republicans.  Neither one of them will answer the question of where government gets the trillions of dollars it spends annually.

It is time for a change, so join me for some truth and some discussion on how we can be liberated and our rights restored as Americans.

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