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Just Have Faith

Just Have Faith

Have you ever heard someone tell you, "just have faith"?  Let's look into this word briefly, before we delve into what is really going on here.  You cannot have a discussion unless all the terms are understood by both sides.  So first let's look at the word faith, itself.  Faith is defined as: belief that is not based on proof. So you have to believe something, but have absolutely no evidence of it. For the most part, most of our modern day learning is based on absolutely no evidence.  But, we don't say that it is faith.  We say the things we learn in school are based on evidence of reading something that someone else has read from the source.  Or, so the story goes.  It is actually no true, but we pretend that school text books are based on fact.

Black Jesus Walks on Water
So we have a religious system in place that is not based on fact.  In fact, most of the Christian belief system is based on complete lies.  Is that harsh of us to say that?  No.  Not if you have read historical documents and gone to the source of the information.  Do you want proof?  Well, we are not going to tell you to have faith that what we are saying is true, without evidence.  We would like for you to see for yourself.  If you belong to a Christian church with a minister / priest, ask them a few key questions:

  • before Jesus was born, it says that King Herod had all the male children slaughtered to avoid Jesus' birth, but King Herod predates Jesus some 300 years?
  • the birth of Jesus is amazingly celebrated on the 25th of December, yet his birth was clearly born during the summer months or 25th of March?
  • when Jesus was born it is said Mary and Joseph fled into Egypt, called Nubia, land of the Blacks, yet somehow Jesus, Mary and Joseph are always portrayed as being white people, how could they have blended in with Egyptians? [ note that the Muslim massacre of northern Africa had no occurred yet]
  • John the Baptist is said to have baptized Jesus, yet John the Baptist predates Jesus by some 100 years, as in he was already dead 100 years beforehand?
  • it is said King Herod beheaded John the Baptist, yet King Herod predates Jesus by 300 years, and predates John the Baptist by some 200 years?
  • the alleged apostles  of Jesus, those who are supposed to have lived and walked with Jesus in person, while he was alive, all wrote their gospels 300 years after the death of Jesus, and amazingly all 4 chosen by Irenaeus of Lyon?
  • none of the gospels - Matthew, Mark, Luke nor John, were actually written by any of those people. They were written by anonymous sources and assigned to the supposed apostles of Jesus?
  • if the math was done on the gospels and the apostles, every apostle would have lived to be 70 - 90 years of age, mind you the life expectancy during 1BC was 29 in the Jewish population, and of that, only 2% of the population lived beyond the age of 50, all wealthy?
  • Mark's gospel has 666 verses, not 678, although the NIV does not include the extra 12 verses. 12 verses were written some 50 years after the work was completed?  And, why does it have 666 verses to begin with?
  • all of the rest of the Epistles, Paul, John, Peter and James are all fake and not written by any of those men. Most were written by church scholars seeking to further the church and one, John, was written by followers of someone named "John"?
  • there are no historical documents written during the time of Jesus, which mention Jesus at all. None?  He was supposed to be famous and a miracle worker, surely the Jewish temple would write about him?  They write about everything but Jesus, not even in hatred of him?
  • Roman accounts show that several would-be Messiahs were executed and put to death, none of which were named Jesus?
  • Pontius Pilate is said to have asked the Jews which man should he spare, Jesus or a known murderer of Roman soldiers?  This is to have occurred on one of their holiest of days for the Jews?  And, thousands of Jews show up for the question?  And, the high priest says spare the murderer?  And, Pilate agrees?  None of this would have happened?
  • Osiris, Hercules, Mithra, Hermes, Prometheus, Perseus and others compare to the Christian myth. According to Patrick Campbell of The Mythical Jesus, all served as pre-Christian sun gods, yet all allegedly had gods for fathers, virgins for mothers; had their births announced by stars; got born on the solstice around December 25th; had tyrants who tried to kill them in their infancy; met violent deaths; rose from the dead; and nearly all got worshiped by "wise men" and had allegedly fasted for forty days?
A Crown of Thorns
If your minister can refute the evidence presented, then he is a fool or his teachings are foolish.  So the question is why does Christianity exist.  You have no further than to look at who were the first Christians.  The Jews were the first Christians.  They hated the Romans, with all of their heart.  The Romans treated them like dogs and had the power of life and death over them.  So, they got tired of the Messiah not showing up and wanted their own Messiah.  Unfortunately, noone came to save them from the Romans.  Also, the prophecies of the Messiah were hundreds of years off, as in it was not even the time for a Messiah.

Well now, if the gospels were written about 100 years after the fact and we know that no Jesus actually existed, Christianity, as we know it, was a religion of hope.  

Jesus, clearly, was not the Messiah, the Jews had prophesied about.  The Jewish Messiah was to be a general with armies and he was to trounce the enemy.  Which enemy?  The prophecy never says.  The Jews at the time though hoped it was the Romans.  

So if Jesus was not the Jewish Messiah, then who was he? 

Well, for one, he never existed.  There was no Jew going around teaching Asian philosophy and performing miracles.  All the stories of Jesus popped up 100 - 200 years after the fact.  So he was a construct of the Christian religion.  In short, he is an imaginary figure made up by the Christian religion.  He is no more real the Mithras or Osiris, both whom closely, and nearly identically resemble Jesus, or shall we say, he resembles them.  

All of the supposed prophecy fulfillment that Jesus supposedly fulfilled, were all false.  He never fulfilled any of the prophecies of being a Jewish Messiah.  You don't have to just ask a Jew, why they don't believe in him, you can simply go to the Jewish scripture and see for yourself.  The Jewish Messiah, was to be:
  • a general
  • have a massive army
  • have an empire from sea to sea
  • basically be like what later was to become the English empire [have no end to the empire]
The Jewish Messiah with His Sword
It is as simple as that.  That was supposed to be the Jewish Messiah.  None of this light streaming down, or stars shining on his manger, or wise men from the east visiting.  All of that, was borrowed from the church of Mithras.  

What's that?  You don't know anything about the church of Mithras?  Sure you do, it's called the New Testatment.  Read it, and word for word, you now have the Mithras religion down to the letter.  In fact, there is no way that Christianity can even claim they were original.  No part of Christianity can not be found in the church of Mithras.

So all of the gospels and the dates and the prophecies, which completely misquote the old testament [ we didn't even go into how the old testament is misquoted in the new testament ] are all stolen from the Church of Mithras.  All of the stories about Jesus birth, all the way to his death are all written to coincide with the Mithras belief, NOT the Jewish belief.  Jesus comes from Bethlehem.  Jesus goes to Egypt.  A star shines over Jesus.  Wise men show up at his birth.  Mary is pregnant immaculently.  These are all church of Mithras teachings, not Jewish teachings.

Are we against the Christian faith then?  No.  In fact, we identify ourselves as Christian.  We just want you to know where your religion comes from.  We believe in god.  However, we do not believe in god just based on faith and that we should follow some other man, simply because he says have faith.  Clearly you cannot follow Jesus though.  Because if you read the new testament, he contradicts himself from book to book.  And, it isn't just a case of a different way of saying something.  From book to book, on the very same subject, Jesus says the opposite of what he says in one book.  One book says be peaceful, the next says take up arms.  It is hogwash.  It is not a guide to how to live your life.  The old testament, is much more guideful.   If ever you have a problem, you can read the old testament and look up that problem and find out how to solve it.  What is amazing is that it is hundreds of years old.  It makes you wonder that man has not progressed.

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Hernán G. Fuentealba said...

youd see that since solomon said "A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace." you will understand,that jesus eached about how to recgonize those times and situations, something quite logic.. life is full of different situations..not any contradicion...

Shakaama said...

what are you talking about? there was no person even named jesus that was alive, nor did he teach nor write nor say anything. Did you even read the article?

Anonymous said...

Quick question. Where did you get your data regarding timelines of the people in the bible you mentioned?

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