Monday, July 4, 2011

Obama Should Be Impeached

Obama Violates War Powers Act and Constitution

In this brief article we present short simple facts.  The president has to get congressional approval before going to war.  Congress has to declare war, not the president.  Obama did not seek congress' approval and instead went to NATO and signed a resolution with them, promising that this country will go to war in Libya.  This is on top of new numbers coming out of just Iraq alone, showing we are spending $5 TRILLION.  This is at a time when we cannot afford the promises to pay for prescription drugs and medical bills, as promised under medicare and medicaid.  The president, seemingly, if congress were of a mind to, could impeach the president over this.  This is how serious this act is.  The person who takes the presidency, takes an oath of office, claiming to defend the constitution.  Any violation of the constitution, means that the person should be removed.  It is as cut and dry as that.

Obama Libya Oil = Impeachment
This president should be impeached.

Not just on this instance, which is more than enough to impeach him, but countless other acts.  However, politics as they stand, would probably never do what is right.  Otherwise, it wouldn't be politics.

This president puts on a veneer of being peace loving and tolerant of everyone.  The truth is he is surrounded by wall street bankers and corporate shills which do everything in their power to make sure wall street and corporations get as much as they can.  Every single cabinet member is a member of wall street.  There is not one single cabinet member who was just some political yuppie.  He is surrounded by money and those who want power.  He is not a president of the people.  Yet in every news conference and sound bite, he pretends he is.  What is truly galling is that the public falls for it, yet can't do simple math.  He has raised taxes, bankrupted the middle class and put more small businesses out of business, the largest employer in America, than any other president combined.  After 1 year that could have been blamed on Bush, but this is 3 years later.  He has had ample time to dig us out of a 12 foot grave.  Only, Obama has dug us in worse and we are not at 8% unemployment we are at near 30% unemployment.  They only count those people that have the ability to claimed unemployment, as unemployed.  Students, those who have given up and those who do not qualify for unemployment, are not counted as unemployed.  It takes nothing to go to the unemployment office and ask the real rate.  They actually keep the numbers.

Although this is a Black president, the unemployment rate among Blacks is nearly 40% , and rising.  He has time and again screamed that he is not a "Black" president.  Not only is he not a "Black" president, but he has gone out of his way to ensure that Blacks suffer more than any other racial group.  Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter, Johnson and more did more for Blacks than President Barack Hussein Obama.  It is shameful.

These are just a few of the things this president has done.  Not only should he not be voted in for a 2nd term, he should be removed post haste, unless he gets us so far in the hole that we ultimately fall so far we can't get up.

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