Monday, April 19, 2010

Traffic Light Cameras Issuing Phoney or Fraudulent Tickets

Caught on Film: Given a Fraudulent Traffic Ticket

It seems the cameras on top of traffic lights aren't the 3rd miracle we all were told. Nearly all of them are in violation of some U.S. constitutional law or even more unbelievable, state constitutional laws and regulation. As if that weren't enough, they have been caught sending out fraudulent tickets to people in the mail, directly from the company. People assumed they were from the state and were paying them. I mean come on, who's that dumb?

Anyway, the cameras on top of traffic lights are all 100% fraudulent. This is a warning. They are not to be paid. You should report any contact you have directly from the Redflex company, to your local authorities or your state attorney general's office. They have consistantly averted local laws and tries to set themselves up as outside of the laws and regulations.

Some of the cameras have been set up in direct violation of state laws, i.e. they were setup in cities inside a state and had not gone through any of the procedures businesses normally need to go through. They have been prosecuted and removed from several states. In one proceeding the judge didn't even know there was a violation. [can you believe he's still a judge] The attorney general had to come in and educate the judge.

How could this happen?

Seriously? You have to ask? Well, money of course. And, they have plenty of it.

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