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April 19th Do You Believe One Guy With No Demolitions Experience Bombed Oklahoma City? [video at bottom]

The Case of the Lone Bomber of Oklahoma City

Now that we know the government has lied about 9/11, we can turn our eyes back on other tops where the official story makes no sense. I have proven the government lied about 9/11 by showing you that all the supposed hijackers are all alive and well, except one that died 1 year BEFORE 9/11. If you would like, I could attain interviews with the alleged hijackers who are supposed to be dead, if you honestly do not believe they are alive. Trust me when I say this. So let's now look at the Oklahoma City bombing.

The official story is that Timothy McVeigh bombed the federal building in Oklahoma City. Terry Nichols allegedly made the bomb in a neighboring state but did not accompany McVeigh to the site. Timothy McVeigh was arrested, tried and killed by lethal injection and is dead. Terry Nichols is in prison for life.

Now, I ask you. You're an adult of average intelligence. The official story is that Tim parked the truck with the bomb just in front of the building. Yet the explosion did not devastate the entire block, nor did it leave a crater in the ground. A bomb, sitting in a truck, just on the open road, would have a spherical shape, wouldn't it? There would be and equally large crater in the ground and and equal devastation to the surrounding area. But, I'm telling you, there wasn't.

Timothy McVeigh did not park a van with a bomb in front of the building. The building was expertly bombed and made to look like an act of terrorism.

So what's the real truth? Was Timothy McVeigh involved? Why the federal building? Why April 19th?

For that we have to go back 2 years earlier to Waco Texas. Ah remember that? I don't quite think Americans understand the devastation that the American government waged on about 100 U.S. citizens, in broad daylight and noone said anything.

Why did the government descend on Waco? What did the compound do to get such a terrible response from the government? Did they kill someone? Were they murdering babies on a daily basis?

I'm sure you know I'm about to say no to all of this. David Koresh and the Branch Davidians were a church in Texas that had different beliefs than most other people. One of these beliefs is that the end times are nigh and its time to stockpile weapons, just in case. So they proceeded to purchase weapons, and get licenses for all of them. The local sheriff was fully aware of this, and knew that all the weapons were legally purchased, and had no problem with it.

So far so good?


Except, Bill Clinton and Janet Reno did not think it acceptable for U.S. citizens to have weapons.

Wait! What?

That's right! Bill Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno, did not think Americans should HAVE weapons. They then sent in the National Guard to kill the Branch Davidians. This would serve as a warning sign, to everyone, not to have weapons.

So did the Branch Davidians murder babies or rape small kittens? No. They went to the store, waited the 3 days, got their licenses and bought guns. That's all. No Branch Davidian went on a killing spree. No Branch Davidian sold Oxycoton laced with sugar to small children on playgrounds. They did nothing but buy guns legally.

So what happened from February 28, 1993 to April 19th? The national guard and the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) launched a full scale attack on the compound. David Koresh signed a statement that he would surrender and included his beliefs in the statement, but the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) did not honor it and burned down the building and PREVENTED fire trucks to come put out the fire.

They launched missiels at the buildings. They brought in tank to demolish parts of the buildings to get the fire to raze the building to the ground. They had gunship hellicopters shoot into the buildings. It was a full scale, vietnam, attack on U.S. citizens.

At no point did they offer to arrest anyone. At no point did they try to remove the women and children. They slaughtered 74 men, women and children, many of whome were under the age of 5. They made psychological warfare on the compound by using sleep deprevation tactics. They had a loud recording of rabbits being slaughtered and screaming that they played all night. This is what the "great" Bill Clinton did. 21 children were murdered.

Lisa Martin 13 Sheila Martin, Jr. 15
Rachel Sylvia 12 Hollywood Sylvia 1
Joseph Martinez 8 Abigail Martinez 11
Crystal Martinez 3 Isaiah Martinez 4
Audrey Martinez 13 Melissa Morrison 6
Chanel Andrade 1 Cyrus Koresh 8
Star Koresh 6 Bobbie Lane Koresh 2
Dayland Gent 3 Page Gent 1
Mayanah Schneider 2 Startle Summers 1
Serenity Jones 4 Chica Jones 2
Little One Jones 2

So let's return to Oklahoma City 2 years later.

There were 3 bombs. Yes count them, 3 bombs. Two were later found in the building. There was no way that 1 lone guy did all of this alone. Also witnesses testify that there were other men in the building days before the bombing.

How is it that Timothy McVeigh was tried, convicted and killed all in 6 years. There are people on death row for 20 years. Did he file no appeals? That average Americans knows that the justice system is slow. How is it that it moved so fast in this one case?

Finally, the official story is completely false. It said the blast was caused by an ammonium nitrate bomb. Ok why? Because anything else, would put McVeigh out of the picture. An ammonium nitrate bomb, for those that don't know anything about bombs, is your garden variety, go to the plant store and buy fertilizer bomb. It's the stuff movies are made of. However, it is hogwash, because at the time hundreds of news reporters said the bomb was very very sophisticated and it would take such sophistication to do what it did. Common sense. The governor even said on live T.V. that it was a sophisticated bomb and that there were 2 more of them. Clinton gets in on it and the story changes to an ammonium nitrate bomb. [good old clinton again]

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Spaz said...

All these events you mentioned I vaguely remember cause I was too young and didn't understand much. That and my mom didn't want me to be scared of Waco lol I remember a sketch of him on tv shouting and thats about it.

But also I saw a documentary on tv about the assassination of John F. Kennedy and how the government framed Oswald.

Its sad to think our own government or any would do such things to its people. But again you can see how fear and media cause people to panic. Look at the next time a snow storm is heading your way then go to a super market and watch people kill themselves to stock up.

You really do have to wonder about these scenes of OK City. I am not a bomb expert but I've seen Mythbusters and when those dudes blow up stuff the ground has at least a mark. I don't understand how an explosion can only hurt the face of a building but the pavement is perfect.

John F. Kennedy, OK City, 9/11, these events will always make us wonder and maybe someday we will know or perhaps our great great grandchildren will know.

Shakaama said...

What I find crazy is when these orders are given, no soldier or government agent says "you know this isn't right, I'm not going to do it". They just go ahead and do it.

Timothy McVeigh said he was told in the first gulf war that the arabs were the enemy, but when he got there, he saw they were just people. How could the captains and colonels and majors all just go along with these stuff? At some point we should start sueing these people personally. As a human, I don't care who you work for, if someone tells you to bomb a place, dammit use your damn brain and say "Hell NO".

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