Friday, April 2, 2010

Are You Listening to Satanic Verses Uknowingly?

Jay-Z Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Nearly every singer, since the 60's, who sings pop music, has sold their soul to the devil. In their songs they come right out and talk about it. In interviews they talk about it.

99.9999% of rap music is satanic and not written by the person rapping the song. The president of the music companies they sing for tell writers to write about gender, money and violence. They then make the singer sing the song. Then they make music videos of the song. In the videos they have all sorts of Satan worship symbols, that people don't recognize. Then they have the singer do live tours and concerts. In the concert the singer makes the crowd chant parts of the song and put their hands up in weird symbols. The crowd has no idea that the part of the song and the hand symbols are satanic.

Rap music is nearly all satanic controlled. And now nearly every type of music is including rap in it, even country music *gasp* which when you think about it, has to be the most ridiculous thing ever. Rap music is really easy to put satanic words and symbols in it, because the words never make sense to most people. The music videos are also easy to put satanic symbols in, because they can have a really quick frame of something satanic and you won't catch it. Also the singer or someone in the video can be wearing something satanic and the viewer won't pay attention. They also put satanic numbers in the video and noone pays attention.

What are these numbers? 3 a.m. - which is the demonic hour, since it is believed Jesus died at 3 p.m. and 3 a.m. is the opposite. 9 which is a mockery of the holy trinity, father son and holy ghost. 11 which is the opposite of 7 another holy number. Wait, did you notice something? 9 and 11 make 9/11. We're told that 9/11 was done by terrorists. But, I have personally located each other the so called terrorists and they are all alive except for 1 guy that died a year after 2001. 9/11 is a satanic date along with 2001. Now 11 years after 2001 is of course 2012. They have already made a movie called 2012, in which the world is supposed to end. They are preparing us to expect a huge disaster. What people don't realize is that they are going to MAKE it happen.

Getting back to singers. In the interviews the singers admit they sold their soul. They'll also talk about being talked to. Or, they'll say "the rain man talks to me". Noone knows who the rain man is, so it goes over everyone's head. In the videos they'll show rain: water; money; gold raining down. Rain man of course is A devil.

In 1988 Hollywood made a movie specifically called Rain Man. Before that movie noone had ever referred to retarded people as rain men. But in the movie, two of the most famous movie stars at the time, played in the movie, Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. Dustin Hoffman played a retarded guy who was a super genius, an "idiot savant." He had an amazing memory for numbers.... remember numbers above? And he could count in the blink of an eye. Tom Cruise took him to Vegas of course and made lots of money. Now when people say "rain man" they think the singer is talking about the movie. But, the movie was specifically made to confuse people. But, the movie was demonic ANYWAY. So even if they person mentions the movie they are still talking about a demon. The character in the movie was supposed to be A demon. But, we as a movie watcher don't get it, because we're not supposed to.

So the singers talk about rain and rain man, and in the video throw thousands of dollars on women, saying "make it rain". The kids listening or watching think rap is so great. It's talking about demonic possession and they don't even understand.

Finally when artists don't want to play anymore or refuse to ever play, they send people after them. The formula?
  1. destroy the person's career
  2. destroy the person's image
  3. and if they still won't play
  4. murder the person in plain sight

Hello Michael Jackson, 2pac, Biggie Smalls and others. In either case against Michael Jackson there was never any evidence presented that he touched the children. None. Secondly, there is no possible way that a doctor poisoned the most famous man on the whole planet BY HIMSELF. Several years ago there was a study done and they showed a picture of Reagan, the pope, and Michael Jackson. Even in tiny villages in Asia, people recognized Michael Jackson over the president of the united states and the pope. There is no way that a doctor just up and poisoned him, by himself. The doctor had nothing to even gain by killing him. But, for some reason, he is the only one that is taking the blame for it.

Let's stop for a second and look at the Michael Jackson murder. Oh, doesn't seem the media wants to say murder. Let's look at direct quotes from expert testimony and the coroner.

An anesthesiology consultant hired by the coroner to review the findings of the investigation said that "there are NO reports of its use for insomnia relief, to my knowledge," according to the report.

Calmes, the consultant, concluded that propofol was administered without the recommended equipment being present, including a "continuous pulse oxymeter, EKG and blood pressure cuff."

Use of the anesthesia requires "full patient monitoring by a person trained in anesthesia," she wrote. Murray is a cardiologist.

"There was no evidence of an infusion pump for control of an IV infusion. No monitors were found at the scene; a blood pressure cuff and portable pulse oxymeter were recovered from a closet in the next room," Calmes wrote.

The consultant said supplemental oxygen "should always be delivered" when propofol is being administered.

Michael Jackson was not gonna play ball. He was doing his own thing. And, this is what the media will absolutely NOT tell you, he was a deeply religious man. Not only was he deeply religious but he knew the bible like the back of his hand. Sound familiar? And, DMX is next. I guarantee you MC Hammer would be dead if he continued in the music industry. Go back and check other singers that have turned to Christ after their music career and see if there are any abnormalities with the law or legal allegations. And, this isn't just for Black singers. It is for all singers.

I mentioned 9/11 above. Why would they do this? To prove to God that they control the planet. To prove they can do one of the most horrible acts, to the most powerful country on the planet and get away with it. There had to be about 10 newspaper cameras flying around in helicopters on 9/11, and not one of them was in HIGH RESOLUTION? That is impossible. Nearly all news is now reported in HIGH DEFINITION. That means you can see the wrinkles on a reporter standing across the street. And this is now in every camera. But every video of the 9/11 crash is terrible quality. I just went to the store yesterday to look at buying a camera. The guy said "you don't need this camera, unless you want to take a picture of you so clear and blow it up to the size of this entire building, that's how clear it would be". And that is a $300 camera. Can you imagine what those news stations are using? It is impossible that cameras on that day were not clear. Yet when you see the "plane" crash into the building you cannot see the plane clearly. People said it wasn't a plane at all, but a robot plane. Meaning, it wasn't a 200 passenger plane, it was a dummy plane, but you cannot tell from the video at all.

Why the world trade center? Not because it had lots of people in it. They could blow up a stadium and kill twice as many people. The world trade centers were MADE to represent... hold on to your chair... the number 11. So the Satan worshipers wanted to blow up a symbol of the 3rd largest religion, the other two being Christian and Judaism. Doesn't matter what you believe, they believe the 3 religions represent God and they will do anything to thumb their nose at Him.

Finally, I am not a rocket scientist, but according to research I found Jet fuel doesn't burn in the open air. That means, if you throw an airplane into a building the tank is not going to explode. That's how they made the thing. Next, even if they did burn, jet fuel burns completely off at 1800 degrees. The building it hit was made out of steel. Steel does even lose it's structure until you hit 2750. That means it is impossible for jet fuel to burn a steel building. But these were not regular steel buildings, they were specifically designed to take... hold on to your hat... 50 AIRPLANE CRASHES. Sounds kind of excessive? No because before the WTC was built, they had weather scares, bomb scares and fire scares. So to get the insurance for the buildings they made the buildings nearly immune. So why were there pools of melted steel at the crash site, for weeks after the crash? There is nothing that we saw that could do that. It wasn't jet fuel that's for sure.

They meant for those buildings to come all the way down. 9/11, satanic number.

New movie coming out: title is just "9". It's about an "alien". I can guess what the alien really is though.

They love to get singers, because if they control the singers, they control all of their fans. It's idol worship. The fans worship the singer and they control the singer. It's as simple as that. Notice a lot of the pop music talks about gender, violence and money. They talk about being violent mainly to Black women or treating Black women like prostitutes. The most famous female singer today is Beyonce. She acts like a prostitute in most of her videos. She also has many demonic symbols in her videos and she makes her fans raise their hands into demonic hands gestures. Her husband is one of the most richest and famous rappers and producer in the world. He came out and said he sold his soul to the devil and rain man talks to him. Noone even bats an eye.

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Anonymous said...

Great Post. So True! 9/11 - Demolition style sacrifice.

Check this out -, "Yes We Can!"


Anonymous said...

the G is an Illuminati symbol, ever notice how the disney D looks like a backward G, which looks like a cartoon drawing of an eye, or more like a drawing of the eye of Horus! of course this only solidifies the fact walt was a mason.

alessio said...

you are dead on, about 2012 and all of that. There are negative entities in this world who seek control. They are loosing it now, keep writing and make people aware. Articles like this that spark someones mind & want to find the answers for themselves.

Anonymous said...

You're batshit crazy

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