Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Race is Not Given to the Swift, But to He That Endures

Stay in the Race

waiting for godotOften times we like to complain and bemoan our lot in life. "Oh I'm fat now." "Oh I'm broke now." "Oh I can't exercise because of my diabetes." Interestingly enough, if you're of a mind that never takes the present into consideration and fix your sights on a specific goal regardless of the happenstance, you'll achieve it. I'm not talking about the Oprah Winfrey B.S. about the cosmic "Secret", which is a Godless believe, that'll have you praying to demons, I'm talking about setting your mind on "on". Don't get me wrong, I love Oprah to death, but literally if you "don't know" what you're focusing your energy on, demons will very gladly take the opportunity to step right into place and act as your "guiding spirit". I'm not saying you have to pray to God, but for damn sure, don't pray openly. God only comes when he's called, them other folks come anytime you open your mouth. If you pray to the "cosmos", they'll gladly put on a galactic dress and sit right down at your table and break bread with you.

I say, if you're not going to pray to God, don't pray at all. Because, you don't know the forces you're dealing with anyway. Leave them alone. Just say, "my mind is made up." And, leave it at that. There's no need to chant, moan, wallow around in ashes. Just say you're made up your mind and you'll not let anyone else dissuade you.

I bet my readers are wondering where this is coming from all of a sudden. I did a thing for someone. They didn't appreciate what I did for them, and in the process sort of looked down on what I was doing. I had to set them straight. I had to make sure the air was completely cleared between us. I told them that I had handed them gold and they put it under their wobbly stool to make it uncrooked. That's how unappreciative they were of what I did for them. I then further went on to say, that I have the same thing and I know what I have is gold. If they choose to treat their gold like something you wrap dead fish in, so be it. I'll have nothing more to do with it.

Well what does this have to do with setting your mind to "on"?

That's it exactly. I set my mind on "on", a long time ago, and I know what I have it gold. So no matter what anyone says, or how they look at what I have, I have made up my mind already.

I'm not saying to tell anyone off that gets in your way. But, if you have to set the record straight, do not hesitate to do so. Because, in so doing, it will reaffirm, in your own mind, what you decided.

So for instance you wanted to make the best strawberry cake anyone had ever tasted.
  • you go out and look for and find the best, organic strain of strawberries on the face of the planet
  • you learn how to grow the strawberries with your own hands and cultivate them to be better than when you got them
  • you grow your own wheat, to make sure the quality of the cake is irreproachable
  • you grow the sugar canes to make sure the sugar is of impeccable quality
Now let's say you have studied cake making techniques for months and think you are ready to harvest all of your ingredients. Let's say your friend, who know nothing about growing plants, nor being a chef comes to your house one day while he's hungry. You give him some of your hand picked strawberries. Now, remember he's hungry, so he might be overwhelmed by the strawberries simply based on that fact. You ask him how he likes the strawberries and expect nothing but praise. Instead, he shrugs and says, "they're just strawberries," and goes on about his business. Let's say he returns 20 times and says the same damn thing. After 20 times you turn to him and say, "do you even know what you're eating? Do you know these are the best strawberries on the planet and I've cultivated them myself?" He shrugs and goes on about his business.

Now most people would consider
  1. this is my friend
  2. if he didn't like it, even when he was hungry, noone else will
And, they stop. They root up all the strawberries, sugar cane, and wheat and go settle for a dishwashing job. Seriously, 90% of the population does this. In fact, when they have children, they make sure the children don't attempt to make the best strawberry cake.

This defeatist notion is perpetuated generation after generation.

So I say to you, make up your mind and turn your mind to "on". I don't even mean it as encouragement. I mean it as a matter of fact. And, if you have to study about the thing you set your mind on, study your heart out. There is nothing wrong with admitting you don't know a subject you're interested in.

So many times I hear, "you don't know nothing about wall street financing." And? That's just nothing but time and opportunity and a good book away.

That is how you have to think. I have heard so many big named actors say they just decided that "no" would not be the answer. Oh, they took no, many times, but they never accepted "no" from themselves. If you lay down your sword in a sword fight... more than likely you will be the first to die. I'm not certain about the whole logistics, but my gut feeling says, that would be a very short lived prospect to lay your sword down in a sword fight.

Anyone with a brain wouldn't lay their sword down in a sword fight right? But, what if you didn't KNOW you were in a sword fight? "Shakaama, how could someone not know they were in a sword fight?" Easy, their enemy keeps cutting up paper into confetti blinding them to what's really going on. Distracted by the confetti, they lay down their sword. They are stabbed over and over and over again and don't even feel it after awhile.

This is 90% of America.

Don't let this be you. Pick up your sword and fight. Make your mind up and don't let anyone distract you, or they'll have you to deal with. Or, if you let your dream die, so will you.

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