Thursday, April 22, 2010

Congress Discusses Should Blacks Get Reparations

Reparations Bill on the House Floor

slave auctionReparations It's being discussed and thrown around the house. I believe Black leaders simply expected that since Obama was elected that surely the bill, which is postponed each year, would finally see the light of day. Understand a couple of things before we get into the merits of the bill. Reparations were on their way and a part of the Lincoln plan right after his proclamation. Through the Freedmen's Bureau former slaves had been granted land and a reapportionment was on its way to give all freedmen [former slaves] land as a PART of their reparations. Also a promise was made of 40 acres and a mule to the Blacks. That never saw the light of day and was never honored. Some might laugh at the mule part. But know this, wealthy land-owners in the south kept a stranglehold on tools and livestock. Thus they could keep the freedmen at their beck and call, because they had to return to them to actually do anything on the land. Even after slavery, to the 80s white southerners made it a practice to murder Blacks. This was reported to over and over, from civil war all the way up until the 80s or even early 90s. It is a callous nation that never puts this chapter to rest. You would think that in order to prosper that the gravest injustice ever committed on a human being should be dealt with in the most powerful country on the planet, but reparations is always shunned.

So what's being discussed in congress? On the one hand some states are simply proposing apologies to slavery in their state legislatures and the citizens are balking at that. WOW!!! People always present affirmative action as a bastion of equality in the land.

Affirmative action never works, hasn't worked, is horrible for every candidate, and has been sued against by white people to nearly out of existence today. Immediately as Black hirees enter in a firm they have a stigma of "he's here because of affirmative action", regardless of him actually being hired on his own merits [like me all the time]. The program is trash. Instead of Congress doing the right thing, which have been to fund well established and verified college and professional school that are attended by Blacks, they went with the big business alternative which was the affirmative action bill, which actually leaves private companies out of the loop entirely. But, shhh you're not supposed to know that. You're supposed to think that private companies that recieve zero public funding are somehow, under penalty of law, required to hire minorities in their firms. Really? Are you that dense? In the mean time fools are harassing Black people at their jobs saying they were hired because of their skin color due to affirmative action. [that gets a big facepalm for being racist and stupid]

The 1988 civil liberties act opened the door for the Japanese to receive reparations. Those checks started going out in NINETEEN NINETY NINE. Yup just 10 years ago, Reagan signed it into being. [good old Reagan. sarcasm off]

WWII was a long time ago, however slavery didn't happen a long time ago, as some may think. For the most part African descendants were still basically [not technically] enslaved until the 1960's. Where afterwards they were promptly jailed en masse. The case for Black reparations has never been made to the white population in America. There is so much misinformation that the media AND SCHOOL teaches that more Americans are under a complete false assumption that Blacks not only shouldn't get reparations but don't deserve it. The media uses its influence to shape the minds of uninformed Americans, by presenting a stigma of Black people already "received" their reparations in the form of social programs. A lot of white people think Blacks are the main recipients today of social programs. WHITE PEOPLE are the main recipients of all those social programs. The Black man and woman are constantly presented in America as shiftless, lazy, unemployable and abusing the social system, i.e. welfare, food stamps, medicaid. I have already written blog posts on this very blog about white recipients of welfare outnumbering the entire population of African Americans.

  • 86% of African Americans are employed, (91% in 2001)
  • 75% of African Americans live ABOVE the poverty level.
  • 11% of African Americans who live below the poverty level are not eligible for public assistance or any social program.
  • 14% [or 5,292,000] of African Americans are below the poverty level are are eligible for public assistance, however 3,000,000 of those are jailed and don't receive public assistance, leaving 2,292,000 eligible for public assistance.

There are over 50 million white people on public assistance. There aren't even 50 million African Americans in the United States.

The median income gap between whites and blacks has drastically widened since 1971. For the most part, a lot of African descendants still suffer from the evils visited upon the slave, the sharecropper, and the civil rights marcher. A huge swath of African descendants living in America are illiterate, to this day, and live in abject poverty or are jailed (wonder if there's a correlation between illiteracy and getting into the penal system. nah, that can't be possible).

Do African descendants deserve reparations?

  • we gave reparations to the Japanese we jailed for a very short time, 2 years.
  • we gave reparations to the citizens of Guam ON BEHALF of the Japanese, who had attacked them. Yes we paid Guam for the Japanese attacking them. Your government! [don't get me wrong I'd move to Japan in a heart beat, but I'm only conversant in Japanese, not fluent]
  • slavery lasted for over 350 years, and after slavery a complete indentured servitude; laws called Black Codes; sharecroppers being forced to raise cash crops for land-owners sprouted up in its place. really just a semantic with slavery. there are families TO THIS DAY still paying off "loans" that were imposed upon their father's father's father.
  • reparations were made to the slaves in the form of land after slavery, Andrew Johnson repealed that as soon as he took office and the land was never given back. YES WE WERE BEING PAID, BUT IT WAS TAKEN AWAY BY YOUR GOVERNMENT. I bet they don't teach that in poli sci nor history classes.
Surely if we are handing out reparations for injustices visited upon people on behalf of the U.S., the most tragic story visited upon a people on the face of the planet [African Americans] deserve reparations.

I think the reason this is such a hot button, is that white people don't want to admit their sins nor do they want to admit that they have directly or indirectly benefited from slavery to this very day, regardless of them being in the south or north. Slavery led to Jim Crow laws, lynchings, terrorism on Blacks. All the way up to the 1970's. There is still intimidation of Blacks going on till this very day.

[data from the : 2006 U.S. census]

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From December 1835 to April 1836, nearly four hundred white  settlers of Florida were massacred by Native and African Americans. ---  Image by © CORBIS
From December 1835 to April 1836, nearly four hundred white settlers of Florida were massacred by Native and African Americans. --- Image by © CORBIS

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Anonymous said...

There where also white slaves in america (albiet not as many) should they get reparation too?

Shakaama said...

According to congress they'd get reparations before Blacks would LOL

Michelle said...

Well to add to your comments on injustices. Our government doles out payments(tax season) to jews for the holocaust which did NOT happen on the soils of unfair is that?

Anonymous said...

No, there were no white slaves in america. Yes, there were indentured servants. Check your facts before alleging injustice.

Gervais H. Campbell

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