Monday, April 5, 2010

Black People are Going to Follow Obama to Their Grave

Obama Makes Sure He Reminds People He Will Not Support Any Black Issues

Remember He's Half White Too
In an unprecedented election, more Black people voted for president Barrack Obama than they had ever turned out before in the nation. Motivated by a sense of duty and to set a historical precedent, that Black people could hold the highest office in the land, Black people voted him in. Make no mistake about it, had not Black people overwhelmingly voted for Barrack Obama, he would not be president today.

With such widespread support, there must be an agenda that Black people are expecting him to carry out. But, we got it backwards. You don't give the money away, THEN ask for the goods. That is stupid. If you voted for him simply because he IS half Black, then it is your stupidity that was played on for receiving such an uncaring president, the likes of which the country hasn't seen since Reagan.

Time and again Black people vote for Democrats, thinking for some strange reason that maybe THIS TIME, they will get something in return. If they sat down for 10 minutes and reviewed, they would see that Democrats have never done anything for Black people. The Republicans, strange enough, have done more for Black people than even their own Black representatives. This has held true for nearly a century now. The most momentous legislation has always come at the hands of Republicans, and not Democrats. But Black people are convinced that Democrats are somehow "their party." My aunt was talking to me about my degree in Political Science and how I should run for office and she said "I assume you're a Democrat."

Black people do not think beyond the nose on their face. The mos racist things have come from the Democratic party. Back in the 80s it was a very heated debate, when the Republicans referred to the Democrats as the party of "Blacks and gays", to which the Democrats repudiated the Republicans for saying it. Obviously the Democrats are no more interested in Black people than they are in the dirt under their shoe.

Obama to Not Legislate for Black Issues

Black people are going to support Obama until he turns to the camera and says out of his own mouth, "I don't care about your vote and I am not going to do anything for you." And, he has already said just that, and yet Black people still support him. We are in the greatest depression since the 1930s. Oh the news refuses to say it, but the numbers are clear. I know the numbers are cooked, coming out of Washington, but that is not the only source of numbers. Black people have a nearly 25% unemployment rate.


Nationally unemployment may be steady at 9.7 percent but jobs are still hard to come by if you are black, according to the most recent job statistics. Unemployment in the black community increased from February's 15.8 percent to 16.5 percent in March, according to the Department of Labor.

"The unemployment rate for African Americans, in particular, remains unacceptably high..., " Congressional Black Caucus Chair Barbara Lee said of the numbers.

Lee, a California Democrat, continued: “These numbers undergird the continued importance for legislation to directly create more jobs for unemployed Americans, particularly the chronically unemployed."

President Obama, the nation's first black to hold the office, has said that he will not target jobs to individual races among the nearly 15 million unemployed Americans.

Obama the Snake Oil Salesman
The man does not care if you're Black and could care less that your unemployment is double that of white people, asian people, latin people. He just doesn't care. Why would you support a man that could care less about you? There is no defense for supporting him.

You will support him to your grave, to your doom. In your ignorance, you simply supported him, just because he was Black and got absolutely no promises beforehand from him as to how he would uplift the Black race in America. Your so called leaders did nothing but stood by shucking and jiving while he was measuring the draperies.

If the Black leaders are indeed Black leaders, where were they at the negotiating table? Hillary got her negotiation in. She negotiated so much, that Bush signed into executive order to allow her to take Secretary of State, before he left office. Where were you?


Your leaders are a bunch of nobodies that give a bunch of lip service to nothing. While they're up there moaning in their preacher tones, rocking and shaking like a possessed man, and you stand up clapping, yapping and hollering for them, they haven't done a thing for you. You're cheering them on for speaking, saying nothing, while they're accomplishing nothing.

SO WHAT, A BLACK MAN IS PRESIDENT, SO WHAT? Is your life better? Do 25% of Black people still NOT have jobs? What did he get you? Nothing!

Wise up, you bunch of sleepy-heads. You're being played for a fool and paying for the opportunity. He said he wasn't going to do anything for Black folks ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL. Where were you when he said that? You went ahead and voted for him anyway?

How about next time you find someone that says they'll do something for Black folks and stop TAKING AWAY FROM BLACK FOLKS. Everyone wants to holler about Black people always having their hand out, in the mean time they have their hand down your back pocket. While you're saying you're sorry, they have robbed you out of house, home and freedom. Wake the hell up.

While they are making you feel shameful you for asking for freedom, they are steady having their group ask for a bigger piece of the pie. They are treating you like the idiots you are and you fall for it every time.

  • your Black leaders got no promises out of Barrack Obama before the vote
  • unemployment went up in the Black community
  • you're being shamed nightly on the news
  • meanwhile your freedom and liberty is being taken away faster than you can blink
Wake the hell up, Black people! That president hasn't done a thing for you, and he told you he wouldn't, and keeps telling you he won't. What more do you want the man to say? Do you want him to curse you out and tell you to leave him the hell alone? What does it take?

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Anonymous said...

Fuck Obama we do need as black people to wake the hell up when it comes to Obama. Most of my friends voted for Obama just because he is black.Black people have always had the history of voting for democats,I wonder how most blacks would have voted if Obama was a Republican.Obama is not the way to go for black people or white people.

Anonymous said...

If it were true that a hero would save you then you would be saved. The well educated black or integrated negro has always been perceived to rescue the majority of the uneducated and unfortunate members of his family or race.

Nhu said...

you've officially earned my respect. I really do feel that people should learn to vote based on what a person says, not based on their physical qualities. Nothing is getting better when the majority takes advantage of their vote in the most stupendous effort. Ah, well that's just my two cents.

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