Sunday, February 21, 2010

The United States to Remove Itself from the United Nations

Getting Out of the United Nations

United Nations leader sentenced in corruption scandal. Department head at United Nations caught in falsifying evidence. Policy chief exposed for trying to defraud general assembly at United Nations (UN). European Union forms Eurozone. India, China, Brazil and Russia believe they can form their own little U.N. and the block can really control the world resources, talent and even finances. At a time like this congress proposes that the United States excuse itself from United Nations membership. The body is now rife with corruption and filled with petty dictators that the depth of taint is unassailable. Not only can nothing be done, but nothing can be done with any sense of trust that the facts can trusted. President George W. Bush going before the United Nations and presenting completely false evidence of weapon of mass destruction found in Iraq was the nail in the coffin. When the last standing super power shows a complete lack of respect for the body and shows evidence of corruption the rest of the body was not long for a complete autopsy. While Bush's corruption did not single-handedly corrupt the entire U.N., he did put the capstone on it.

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At 28% of its operating cost, in the billions of dollars annually, America cannot afford to be a part of the now defunct body. With the latest scandal of the swine flu hoax and the global warming hoax revealed, Congress is hard pressed to continue justifying paying so much money to be a part of the circus. Governor Mike Huckabee and others have all thrown in the towel on the organization and congress has taken steps to excuse us from this tainted organization.

The straw that broke the camel's back, as if more straws were needed, was found when it was revealed that the general assembly has now adopted a Hegelian world policy, i.e. removal of national governments in favor of a one world government, all national sovereignty to be removed, by force if necessary.

Congress, in its infinite wisdom, has finally seen the writing on the wall. The story was leaked by the U.S. Department of State. Apparently, it was an act done out of their own self preservation. Had the leak not happened, it is unclear how long this would have been kept from the public. Specifically what was leaked was the fact that clear evidence was shown that the U.N. has adopted this united government stance and they are poised to act on it.


There are not many things I agree with Congress on, but this one subject I do. The United States cannot be a party to a body that is espouses a Hegelian world policy, forcibly removing national governments. I am pretty sure that our government might resist this. I don't know. Politicians are pretty stupid, but are they that stupid? I cannot imagine Harry Reid just stepping aside, just because.

Can you imagine if U.N. "peacekeepers" descended on Washington and removed Congress? I don't know if I would cheer or be mad.

When Reagan removed us out of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), I wonder why he didn't just remove us from the U.N. altogether. He did it quietly and there was not much press on the matter. He could have quietly excused us and no one would have said anything.

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