Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Erin Andrews 911 Call

The Continued Drama of Erin Andrews

I guess the only person in America that takes Erin Andrews seriously as a "reporter" and "sportscaster" is Erin Andrews. No one watches anything she does for the words actually coming out of her mouth. Maybe when she's 50 and not so good looking anymore people might stop and listen to what she's saying. But, by that time she might be so used up and done with that no one will listen anyway. That sounds harsh right? No, it's the sad truth. If these beauty queens were smarter they would realize their true potential and not be used in such a fashion to begin with.

Why am I saying all this? And how do I know Erin Andrews isn't using her good looks to her fullest potential? From my observations, she takes herself very seriously and thinks people are tuning in to hear what she's saying. I feel Erin Andrews thinks in her heart of hearts that she's a real journalist. While she might be moving up in the ranks, it's not from her tremendous journalistic integrity, it's because her good looks are becoming more widely popular.

Case in point, I didn't even know who Erin Andrews was until there was a legal case involving her and a scandal. To me she's just some white chick with a job that got lucky to be blessed with halfway decent looks. She's not even special in my eyes. I used to model and I've seen far more attractive women, and smarter too. In fact in trying to piece together pictures of her, I couldn't tell her from other bimbos. I had to double check every photo because she has no distinguishing features. She's just a thin blond white chick with an oblong face. Someone tried to pass off Miss USA as Erin Andrews and I recognized her immediately. She's actually good looking. I'm not trying to be catty. It's just that ogling over Erin Andrews is unwarranted. There are far more deserving blond white chicks than her.

I present to you the 911 call that is buzzing around the net right now. Notice the perspective that Erin Andrews takes when talking about the people intruding on her privacy. She's catty as can be, even in an emergency situation.

Dispatcher: DeKalb 911. What's the address of your emergency?

Andrews: Um, I was in the news recently about being in a hotel naked, and I have paparazzi outside my window, and I was told by law enforcement that if I did to call 911.

Dispatcher: Do you want to meet with an officer? Do you want to meet with an officer, ma'am, when they come out?

Andrews: Yeah, these guys are sitting in a car outside my house right now. I would like to tell the officer to have them leave because the cops have told me to call 911 if they're outside my house.

Dispatcher: And what's your name?

Andrews: My name is Erin. My last name is Andrews. I'm all over the news right now.

Dispatcher: I'm not familiar. [yeah bimbo you ain't Ghandi, get over yourself]

Andrews: I'm the girl that was videotaped without her knowing, without her clothes on in the hotel. [i'm famous trust me]

Dispatcher: Really? [what a whore]

Andrews: And I've got two *ssholes sitting outside my house. [nice mouth, you kiss your mom with that?]

Dispatcher: I'm so sorry.

Andrews: I am, too. Thank you.

Dispatcher: We'll send someone out. What kind of vehicle are they in?

Andrews: They're in a RAV, a white RAV4. I'm in a gated community, and I don't know how they got in. Mom, can you see their license plates? It's a handicap license plate that they have. What's the license plate number?

Dispatcher: What's the tag number?

Andrews: We're trying to see. Do you see it, Mom? OK, I'm gonna try and go to another room and see if I can read it. I can't believe these jerks are knocking on my door. F**king *ssholes. Mom, you're totally being obvious.

Dispatcher: Are they black, white or Hispanic? [black first notice, racist dispatcher]

Andrews: What? [even Erin can't believe she's so racist]

Dispatcher: Are they black, white or Hispanic?

Andrews: They're both white males. I think it's — they know I'm here, 'cause I have a car out front. So they know I'm inside. I have private security that I'm working with, but they're not with me currently, and they said call 911. OK, here's the license plate. It's a handicap license plate for Georgia. They're looking at me through my window.

Dispatcher: Are you OK? [why are you calling 911? just because you got your 15 minutes of fame doesn't mean you can call us]

Andrews: Yeah, I'm just — I did nothing wrong, and I'm being treated like f**king Britney Spears, and it sucks. I'm sorry. [what a catty spoiled brat]

Dispatcher: OK, the first available unit will see you as soon as possible.

Andrews: Thanks. Do you know how far they're out?

Dispatcher: No. They should be in — they'll be here as soon as possible. [and don't call here no more]

Andrews: OK.

Dispatcher: OK, thank you.

Andrews: Thanks.

I added some comments. It's all a big joke to me. Who calls 911 over paparazzi? Seriously? 911? People are being murdered and you call 911 because someone is sitting across the street in their own car.

Erin Andrews, get over yourself. You're nobody famous. I didn't know you. The dispatcher didn't know you. And, why are you cursing like ghetto trash around your mother? ORLY?

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