Thursday, February 25, 2010

Attention to Detail

God is in the Details

One of the severe drawbacks of working paycheck to paycheck is a tendency to not pay attention to details. First, what is living paycheck to paycheck? Paycheck to paycheck means: you are in debt, including a house or car note; you do not have 10 months of expenses in cash on hand; you are one financial crisis away from bankruptcy. The real important concept then is what are the details?

Someone that does pay attention to detail would not take someone's word for granted. A detailed oriented person measure twice and cuts once. They would research everything and make a plan before doing something. We've been led to believe that such a person should be looked down upon. They have made words for such people: nerd; anal retentive; meticulous; worry wart; spoil sport. The is all to get you, the idiot, to stay away from detail and detailed oriented people, and stay stupid.

So what ware the details:
  • taking out a loan for anything
  • failure to read a loan agreement
  • taking a non-liable vaccine, i.e. a vaccine that if damages you, you cannot sue the pharmaceutical company
  • voting for a referendum to raise your own taxes, without first understanding that America pays more taxes than any country, except for a very select few
  • continuously buying into and voting in a 2 party system
  • not holding anyone accountable for their actions - kids, spouses, ministers, politicians, bosses, police
  • eating food that is junk [understand that junk food is included in food that is junk, i.e. food saturated with sugars, refined food byproducts and salt]
  • contributing to your own degenerative diseases by over consumption or ingesting non-health inducing foods
  • voting to pay for another entire nation's debts [which actually goes into the pockets of big corporations]
  • not planning your retirement, nor your heirs' future
To think you came up with the idea that you have no time or that detailed oriented people are no fun, by yourself, is the height of ignorance. Think for a second about all the movies, t.v. shows and news broadcasts that have hammered into your brain, "you have no time" or " he is so anal about the smallest things." Even advertisers jump on the bandwagon with, "you have no time to microwave that dinner, buy this new pre-microwaved dinner, pop open the top to a hot meal ready to serve now." Think back, would your grandpa be caught dead saying, "oh I never have time." He'd say instead, "idle hands are the devil's playground," meaning there is too much time in the day, try to stay busy, or the devil will get you in trouble. And, he'd say "the devil is in the details," meaning pay attention to the details or you will end up making a deal to end up in hell.

I often had friends who told me they had no time for this and that. I would often look at their schedule and find 40% of their time spent on frivolous, non-productive endeavors. They were so busy doing nothing. And, they clinged to this trash time for dear life. Or, worse, they would take on responsibilities at work, which netted them no cudos, no extra pay and no recognition. Instead of them standing up to their boss, or simply not volunteering for extra crap work, they would consider it their duty to do so, and not sit down for one second and realize the details of the matter. Even worse than that, were the friends I had were professionals, owning their own business, who'd engage in minor tasks that did nothing for the overall project and then miss opportunities to generate more income. They would complain about how lackluster their income was, but when I pointed out their missed opportunities they'd ignore it.

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