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Marijuana: Media, Lies, Rumors and Scandals

Marijuana About to be Legalized

Hypothetical: If my 22 year old son worked all week, was on time, had great job performance and then came home every weekend and smoked pot, I wouldn't say a word. If he stayed home and smoked pot for 2 days and didn't go out driving or anything, I would consider him a totally responsible young man. Knowing what I know, he probably would be completely destressed by smoking the plant every weekend, more than anyone else in the corporate world.

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I ask you. Given this scenario, what constitutional right does the government have to arrest, try and incarcerate my hypothetical son? Answer: none. There is nothing that gives the Federal Government the authority to even have a drug ENFORCEMENT agency. In fact the DEA spends millions every year jailing, trying and arresting people involved in smoking the plant. Even worse, they spend millions raiding and arresting medical doctors and medical marijuana dispensaries. The facts are loud though. Criminal behavior surrounding marijuana is next to zero. Driving under the influence of marijuana and causing accidents or fatalities is such a low number that it is nearly unrecordable. Yet, alcohol kills hundreds of thousands every year. Just drinking alcohol in large quantities is toxic to the human body and can result in death. This is accomplished just by drinking it. Marijuana on the other hand has no toxic levels. They did a test once to prove marijuana was toxic. However, what they did was induce lab animals to inhale the marijuana, however, in the process they suffocated the animals. So instead of testing the toxic levels of marijuana, they simply tested how long the animals would take to suffocate without air in a pot smoke filled box. Don't be confused. the LD50 test is a farce. Since it is a natural plant, it has no toxicity, no lethal side effects and does not lead to anything.

California is taking steps to finally decriminalize marijuana. The prohibition is both extremely expensive and blatantly pointless. They have come to the realization that they have been criminalizing a plant that is both non-toxic and harmless. California is about to blow the doors off of marijuana. Billions in state deficit, no toxic levels of marijuana, little to no evidence of criminal behavior surrounding the plant, they are going to end the prohibition against marijuana and start regulating the sale of it and get taxes.

Everyone knows the story of how it was criminalized. They brought about the prohibition of marijuana, not for the sake of health concerns, not for the sake of criminal concerns, not for the sake of safety concerns. They passed the law to prohibit marijuana because it was in competition with paper produced from wood. That competition cut into the profits of the wood production and was targetted to become prohibited because the NON-INDUSTRIAL variety of the plant had lethargic side effects. That means, the industrial plant, was lumped together with the non-industrial plant and both were made illegal. They used as an excuse the fact that the non-industrial variety was being smoked by large sectors of the population and were seen to be lethargic, euphoric and happy. This lethargic state was pointed to as being "not normal" and therefore dangerous. They especially targeted Blacks and Mexicans as bringing and using marijuana in the U.S.. After America criminalized marijuana use, the international scene saw how lucrative this would be for them to also criminalize it. Nowhere, was the point missed that it was criminalized for monetary purposes.

If you take a look at most products we consume, none of them ever induce lethargy or calming effect. Most products contain sugar or caffeine, or both. The lesson is obvious. It is OK to be anxious, but it is not OK to be calm. You'd be hard pressed to find "soothing" "relaxing" on beverages, or smoking products. Calming effects are considered dangerous and abnormal. I don't think this is by accident. I think this is intentional. People die of anxiety, heart attack, stress related illnesses. No one is dying from lethargy, calmness or relaxation.

The federal government has no constitutional authority to have an enforcement arm that works within the U.S. territory. The only power they have is to create and maintain a militia. This is to fight outside threats. Everyone has turned their head, because their pockets were greased. The entire system is now corrupt. I guarantee you no one is talking about this except me. [the unconstitutionality of the DEA] I guarantee you that no one wants you to know it's illegal to have a DEA. If anyone is supposed to have a DEA, it is the states. The federal government has no right to come into a state, overstep their own enforcement arms and arrest a citizen of a state. Think about that scenario for a second, FBI, DEA, internal *gasp* CIA [if you didn't know the CIA spies on American citizens your head is under a rock], all all usurping the power of a state. And, to add insult to injury, you're paying for both the state law enforcement and the federal government enforcement. Maybe if you think about your pocket book for a second you'd see just how terrible the picture is.

No one is saving lives by putting pot smokers in jail. No one is saving lives by shutting down medical marijuana dispensaries. No one is saving lives by arresting doctors who know that no pharmaceutical drug is going to cure their patient and thus prescribe cannabis, which has TREMENDOUS medicinal uses. That's what big pharma doesn't want you to know. Marijuana can cure tons of diseases, prescription drugs can't.

Wake up, before it is too late.

[for those of you wondering: I don't have a son. I don't even have friends that smoke pot. I have never smoked so much as a cigarette or drank alcohol ever in my entire life. I have never used any drugs whatsoever. However, if someone next to me wants to drink or smoke, I am not going to beat them over the head, because it's not my frikkin business. If a man can suit up and strap on a machine gun and die a bloody death because a politician says so, he better damn sure be able to smoke pot in the privacy of his own home to destress from all the crap he just had to go through. If someone feeds you a line that it's for his own safety, check their income checks, I bet you the drug companies or the industrial companies are paying him.]

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