Tuesday, February 9, 2010

George W Bush Miss Me Yet Billboard

The Biggest Troll in History

Apparently someone is trolling the White House. Unbelievable as this might seem, it is not a fake story. It is not an Internet photoshop trick, it is the real deal. A billboard popped up along I-35 near Wyoming, Minnesota, [where ever that is] with a huge photo of former President George W. Bush and this question: “Miss Me Yet?”

For those that do not know what a troll is, let me explain.

A troll is a person that delights in other people's misery. It is a very slight confidence game. There are degrees of trolling from a very bad and blatant troll, to a totally subtle and confidence man. The bad troll is someone that simply walks up to you and insults you. If you react to him, he feels he has won. The depth of this troll's mental state is simply an attention whore. But, the real extreme troll is someone that you either never know is a troll, or someone that is so vile and evil that you end up crying over the deal. For instance, this person could walk up to you and compliment your shoes, then your hair, then your clothes, then your perfume. The troll could stop there. You might ask, what is wrong with that? Well for that person it is like an inside joke that they think you're a miserable slob. Taking it a step further though the person could then viciously turn around and start insulting you on a very personal level, after you've revealed personal information about yourself.

This billboard is clearly a troll. Everyone knows that Bush cannot come back and be president. The entire point of the billboard is to stir anger, trolling.

But let's take the billboard seriously for one second and review the subject, George Bush's presidency.

  • do I miss the president who presided over the largest scam and scandal that is ruining the country financially in the history of the country?
  • do I miss the president that presided over the largest international scandal and attack on American soil and covered it up and took advantage of the public's confidence?
  • do I miss the president who knowingly mislead the country into an undeclared war that bankrupted the country? [an impeachable offense]
  • do I miss the president that signed into law legislation that is in direct violation of the constitution, the patriot act? [an impeachable offense]
  • do I miss the president that murdered millions of foreign nationals under the guise of America's safety, who had nothing to do with America? [an impeachable offense]
  • do I miss the president that signed into law by presidential decree enactments that violated and continue to violate constitutional freedoms guaranteed by the constitution and directly forbidding the president to do? [an impeachable offense]
  • do I miss the president that commissioned private companies to violate privacy policies directly signed by customers and spy on their customers? [an impeachable offense]
  • do I miss the president that single handedly squirreled away millions of dollars in private contracts that his family pocketed? [an impeachable offense]
  • do I miss the president that congress tried to bring over 100 impeachable offenses against?
  • do I miss the president that enriched his fat cat friends to the tune of over a trillion dollars?
  • do I miss the president that made appointments of nearly every possible position with wall street insiders, special interest group members, lobbyists and "interested" men?
  • do I miss the president that raised more taxes than any liberal, spent more money than any liberal, skyrocketed the deficit more than any liberal, created a larger trade deficit than any liberal in the history of the country?
  • do I miss the president that presided over the most middle class citizens slipping below the poverty line in the history of the country?
  • do I miss the president that presided over more human rights violations in this country, than South Africa and Nazi Germany combined?
No sane American that knows the real news, that gathers his news from reputable sources that vet all of their stories personally, could ever have been a fan of George Bush. If you don't know what any of the bullet points are referring to, this is as good a time as any to start searching each point and find out for yourself who Bush really was.


Anonymous said...

Wow.. So you're comparing Bush to Nazis.. who gasses thousands of women and children, and innocent people because of their religion, or mental coherence. Seriously?? You, sir, are the troll.

Anonymous said...

Bush did a better job than Obummer can ever do, just look at this shit obama is doing, taking away our Freedoms, your facts are wrong and you need to get you head out of Obama's ass for a few mins and watch Fox News, where the truth is....!!!!!

Shakaama said...

Obama is taking away our freedoms? no sir, the patriot act was signed under Bush, and was expanded by him personally.

Neither one of you refutted any of the bullet points. So apparently you two are trolling.

I welcome any single refutation of any of the points. I'm quite familiar with his record, so feel free to use any obscure reference you can find.

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