Sunday, February 7, 2010

Policing While Black

White Cops Kill a Black Cop

Scene - East Harlem, off duty Black police officer chases down a criminal with gun drawn.

Police Report says - 3 officers arrived on the scene and saw a person with a gun drawn. The suspect was running with a gun drawn. The officers yelled "Police! Stop! Drop it!" The suspect turned to see who said it. One officer fired upon the suspect until dead, 6 shots, 2 hit perfectly.

Truth says - Omar Edwards was a 2 year rookie cop, who is obviously Black. The 3 officers who were shooting at him were all white, all plain clothes cops. Edwards was in plain clothes as well. The perpetrator officer that shot and killed Edwards was a 4 year veteran cop. They assessed the situation, crept up behind Edwards. The white cop shot twice and missed Edwards. Edwards turned to see who was shooting at him. The white cop continued shooting, hitting Edwards in the chest.

Whether they knew he was a cop or not is unclear, but they did know he was Black with a gun. It was like taking candy from a baby. Black man, gun with his finger prints on it, pure white justice in the bag.

The problem is there are 2 eye witnesses to the crime. The real perpetrator and another innocent bystander. The innocent bystander was interviewed and said he only heard and saw the gunshots. However, the New York media completely missed the story. This eyewitness was in plain view of the scene. He did not give account to hearing "Police! Stop! Drop it!" It is my assumption that the media is complicit in the cover up.

The cover up is this. The 2nd witness is the real perpetrator that Edwards was chasing. He assumed Edwards was shooting at him and kept running. The cops then hatched a plan to jail a patsy to take the fall for the crime scene. We are supposed to believe that 3 cops shoot and kill a Black man. Call the ambulance when they know he is good and dead. Wait for the ambulance to discover that it is a NYPD officer, THEN go, find and arrest the guy that Edwards was chasing? So the suspect waited around for all this to happen to be arrested?

It can't be such a dark night that you can't tell you're shooting at a police officer from 50 yards away, but can miraculously see the suspect he's chasing, with his back to you, clearly enough to then find and arrest him and he miraculously takes the blame for it.

Conclusion How to Kill a Cop and Get Away With It

This is how you kill a cop and get away with it. When you're a white, bastard, piece of trash cop that shoots a rookie Black cop that just has a newborn by his wife. The stupid mayor was called out to pretend to feel sorry for the dead Black cop.

People reading the story will dismiss OUT OF HAND that this was racially motivated. But, let me point you to some horrible statistics. Harlem is 60% nonwhite. That means 6 out of 10 people do not have any white blood in them. The police department is 90% white. They literally have to ship the white cops into the neighborhood to get them to work there.

What does that have to do with anything? Everything. First of all, there is a history of whit cops shooting Black cops. I have yet to read a report about Black cops shooting a white cop. Could it be that these 90% white cops have a mandate to shoot and kill Black people in the area? If this were a one time thing you could of course say it is not racially motivated, but when it happens within a few years of each other, time and time again, it is time to pull your head out of your hind side and wake up. Your police department is racist and needs to be cleaned out. From the chief on down fire everyone and start over.

This is the 3rd story I've covered in New York alone dealing with scumbag cops. You all need to clean house badly. From my research the Irish cops are worse than the KKK over there. How are you paying taxes to keep them on the payroll? I wouldn't stand for it.

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That's what the stupid house nigger, race traitor gets. MAY GOD BLESS THE WHITE OFFICERS for putting the black patrolman in his place. Black patrolmen need to experience stuff like this more often because they harass the black community more than white officers. STUPID "Beeps."

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