Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Anti-Abortion is Not a Republican Platform

Democrats Trick Black Community Into Being Pro-Abortion

This county is rife with nonsensical and forgetful americans.

Being against abortion is not a "republican" platform. The leftist media tries to portray something as being a republican-only issue, to get the Black community to go against its own self interest. The thinking goes like this, "you should hate republicans; republicans are against abortions; therefore you should be for abortions."

This is not a republican platform. This is a Christian platform. If you are Christian, you SHOULD believe that all life comes from God. If you are Christian, then you SHOULD believe that life does not always come through some fairy tale snow white, boy meets girl, happily ever after events. Sometimes life throws you a huge curve ball. If you are a Christian, you SHOULD believe that successfully hitting curve balls is your destiny. Finally, if you are Christian, you believe that you walk a very narrow road that most people cannot even handle being on.

Black father with newborn twins
Black Father with newborn twins
That said, Christians are not pro-choice of killing unborn children, regardless of circumstances. Christians have the mental fortitude to press on if raped and becoming pregnant.

I cannot conceive of who convinced people that killing the unborn child, from the product of a rape, was a plausible and feasible idea. Why would you murder the unborn child? What fault does the unborn child have to do with the event?

If we were a country, truly, full of love, murdering unborn children, regardless of situation, would be unthinkable.

What if Mary had had an abortion?

How many kings and queens, presidents, prime ministers, were bastard children?

We are killing ourselves, because the powers that be wants to cull the Black population. Think on that for a second. Why would you murder your own flesh and blood? Who gave you the idea? Was the idea implanted in you out of love?

No. The reasoning is and has always been hate. You hate the rapist, so you must murder the unborn child.


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