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White Supremacists are Actually Arguing for Black People Against Russell Simmons

MEANWHILE ON STORMFRONT DOT ORG White Supremacists are Actually Arguing for Black People (in their own way) Against Russell Simmons

Below you will find conversations of white supremacists talking about Russell Simmons trying to garner support against Mitt Romney and for Obama, in the Black community. The white supremacists actually have some good points about Russell Simmons.

First of all, to even understand the context of what is going on you have to keep in mind that Russell Simmons is one of the richest Black people on the entire planet, or he was until his Asian wife stole half of his money, like an idiot.

For someone like Simmons, whoever is sitting in the seat, as president, it doesn't even matter. Well, I should say, it shouldn't matter, if he is truly wealthy and truly has assets that maintain his wealth. Do you actually think Russell Simmons worries about gas prices; taxes; home prices; world conflicts; healthcare; or the screams of the poor dying Black people in the community? No, he doesn't. Even listening to him for even a second is an exercise in you being delusional. The same goes for the very politicians you support. They are all rich and removed from every day life.

Typical White Supremacist
Typical White Supremacist
Let's see the white supremacists take on it. I keep tabs on them, to expose what white supremacists really think about you. Enjoy the conversation:

- The way I see it is they have MORE people than we do. If they are concerned for "their people" then get the hell out of our countries and go back to Africa! It's really that simple!

- They have a country of their own, specifically made FOR THEM called Liberia. They are, after 400 years, somewhat superior to African Negroids. They could really make something halfway decent out of that country if they migrated there, it would be the best nation in Negro Africa, thats for sure. So why don't they drop the inferiority complex of living off of us and be the superior caste of Negro in Africa, maybe even help their cousins evolve?

We should be encouraging the next Marcus Garvey, instead of laughing at him. We need a strong and well-organized Black Nationalism that is focused on a return to Africa.

Perhaps after the disasterous Obama presidency (which will prove to be a disaster for negroes too) there will be an opening for real 'Hope and Change we can believe in.'

- Isn't Simmons dating a white woman?

Seems like he's doing his fair share to destroy his "people."

- No, Liberia didn't work and African-American colonization wasn't encouraged, because politicians saw all the boundless possibilities of the American Negro as a voting bloc, and the American Jew, a particularly stereotypical 'Goyim' to be fleeced and exploited. Give their sorry excuses for 'Ministers' and 'leaders of the community' of today enough money, and they'll get the Negro to vote for his own extinction, like when they turned Jesse Jackson from anti to pro Abortion.....

If I were a Negro with the same intellectual gifts I have now with my white self (horrible thought, but just an Mental exercise), i'd be really pissed off at many of the same people i'm pissed off at now.

- I thought we was all one people :(

- These morons think they are doing better under bama.They are so dumb they destroy themselves all the while blaming someone else for their problems.

- Of course he would destroy your people because he's not black. Is there any proof, record, or otherwise which points to Romney and Ryan wanting to end or limit welfare or food stamps? What about ending Affirmative Action? Are they really a threat or is he just saying this?

- Oh hell, blacks engage in this histrionic crap every time a Republican makes the news.

All a Republican is going to do is make vague genuflections towards the black population, while selling them out to the Hispanics. Is competition with Hispanics what will perhaps "destroy their people"? Hell no, Russell Simmons is too stupid to think of that, he's imagining mass lynchings. He has nothing to worry about, though, since current Republican politicians have fewer balls than an entire chorus of Italian castrati.

- Seems a bit obsessive!

What he doesn't UNDERSTAND: HE ISN'T THE MINORITY! He is a MAJORITY living amongst Minorities(European Americans) as a minority. He needs a reality check! [russell simmons tweets Obama is the clear choice 12 times for different groups]

- That isn't the 'check' this scumbag is thinking about.

Every Negro I've ever known or heard of that had a fair amount of money and lives well, feels they have to prove to all their assorted moochers (and they all have others mooching off of them) that they are representing their interests, and fear that if they don't, they'll be labeled an 'Uncle Tom' and their own personal gravy train will end.

Hence the wealthy Negro mouthing radical leftist baloney. [in response to above post]

- The "check" i'm talking about is a 1 way ticket to his motherland. He has the money to live like a king over there, and to actually INFLUENCE HIS PEOPLE, THE MAJORITY.

- The black race and way of life is in NO DANGER of being destroyed. There are billions all over the globe, living in nearly absolute homogeneity. [in response to russell simmons saying romney ryan will destroy "our people"]

- Thing is, I don't see the 'Obama-mania' like there was among Negroes in 2008. I think the Honeymoon is over and they see him as just another politician now. The enthusiasm is gone, and I actually see many of them sitting this one out and being more apathetic, is my sneeking suspicion.

Every election, Americans are whipped up into fears of a political apocalypse, and I don't see one-an apocalypse-one way or another. More of the same or less of the same, these are our choices.

I actually wish, God help me-we had stayed in the British Empire. Everything would be different, without all these fools and their mistaken ideas on liberty. That's what got us BHO in the White House. In that way he's as American and as true as the Declaration of Independance....

- Why does this uppity uncle Tom negroid expect the government to do something for his people. If he's so concerned, he can damn well do it himself. [in response to russell simmons]

- But that would cost him money, he wants whites to pay for it, thus the outrage.

The same way Israel has been upset about Iran for about 3 years now, they are upset but don't want to attack, they want the USA to attack because that costs them nothing.

Simmons is upset but he doesn't want to pay, he wants white taxpayers to keep paying.

Very similar situations as far as the money goes. [in response to above post]

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