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Did Jesus Really Exist?

Did Jesus Really Exist?

It has been proven over and over, that there was NOT person on the planet named Jesus of Nazareth. People get confused by this, because they think the Christian holy book, is a scientific historical document. It is not. In fact, nearly all of the cities, towns, people, kings and dates didn't exist. The shroud of toren has also been proven OVER AND OVER to be fake.

The entire catholic religion is completely and utterly a hoax. But, they are the richest and most powerful religion on the planet, and they will not give up that power, nor that money. All Christian faiths come from the Roman Catholic religion.

Here is a historical account of how the Roman Catholic church came about.

Dr. Bart Ehrman Professor of Religious Studies
Dr. Bart Ehrman Professor of Religious Studies
- in the 4th century the bishops gathered to form the catholic church and they did a few things: come up with a set of scrolls they would follow ["holy" bible]; denounce Arius [more on that in a second]; declare all churches to belong to Catholics and under its authority; set the bishop of Rome to be over all bishops; set Jesus as a god equal to the Jewish version of god; set a 3rd god as a current god; most other churches, including Arius, found that to be polytheism and denounced it.

- the Romans were in a vicious war against the Persians, yet the roman population worshiped the Persian god Mythra, they wanted to break away from that

- Constantine created the catholic church to get the Romans away from Mythra

- the bishop of Rome assumed his supreme control over all other bishops by declaring Jesus to be a god, because then he declared that only he could speak for him, where before Jesus was not seen as a god at all, but simply a man, and the very idea of declaring him a god was so offensive, it split the entire church in two, to this day

- nothing comes from the church few 2 centuries after Constantine died

- the church doesn't do anything until the orthodox church [ which did NOT believe Jesus was a god ] gains tremendous power in the east

- the church sends armies upon armies to destroy the orthodox church to destroy their power and take control of all of their asset

- we are falsely taught today that these wars were the crusades, against Muslims, but they were against Christians

- no virgin birth, no history, no first hand account from any historian at the time of Jesus, he didn't exist

- anthropologists went to the middle east to try and verify anything that was found in the bible, and found nothing, not a single instance of anything being true and verifiable, including no town, villages, cities, buildings, wells, graveyards, nothing

- it is documented that buildings and towns have been built in the past century to attract tourist dollars to the various areas, many christian churches make pilgrimages that the members pay for, to those areas

- any carbon dating of the structures in these tourist traps show these are not ancient buildings.

- the oldest scroll with writing on it pretending to be of the new testament is dated to 300 A.D. and it is just a scrap of a piece of paper, in fact the entire second half of the new testament documents are dated from 500 A.D. to 1600 A.D.

- in any event, Jesus would not have been any part of being white, the Arabs had not made an exodus across north Africa, and the people surrounding and IN Egypt were dark Black people, not the Semitic people that inhabit the area 2,000 years later

The evidence is clear that the entire religion is based on a fiction. The coming of the religion is a story of a power grab. In fact, one of the earliest adopters of the religion said, point blank, he didn't think the religion would last more than 100 years.


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