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Latvia Warns Ukraine's it Has No Clue About Accession to the EU

Latvia Warns Ukraine's it Has No Clue About Accession to the EU

In the EU, many are very skeptical about the possibility of Ukraine joining the organization, said Latvia Euro-MP Tatiana Zhdanok. According to her, the people of Ukraine are uninformed, what consequences entail the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU. "Many Europeans are questioning the ability of the Kiev government to run the country and ensure the democratic system. So Europeans are very skeptical and believe that Ukraine cannot make it to the Copenhagen criteria that must be met for entry into the European Union," said MEP in an exclusive interview to RT.

Latvia Euro-MP Tatiana Zhdanok
Latvia Euro-MP Tatiana Zhdanok
She also noted that the partnership program in Eastern Europe should not lead to a "re-creation of the Iron Curtain," from the Baltic to the Black and Caspian Seas. "Now, in light of recent events in Ukraine, it was clear that the position of the Ukrainian people (about the relationship with the EU) is not like the President Poroshenko said," said Tatiana Zhdanok.

According to her, the society in Ukraine is poorly informed about what are the consequences for the national economy when signing the Association Agreement with the EU. "Latvian people are very familiar with these consequences - we totally lost our economic independence," said Zhdanok in this regard.

On 27 June in Brussels Ukrainian President Poroshenko signed and the economic part of the Association Agreement with the EU.

Among the goals of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU are: the gradual convergence of Ukraine and the EU on the basis of common values, deepening economic and trade relations, strengthen cooperation in the field of justice, freedom and security, reports RIA Novosti.

Special attention in the document is paid to the free trade zone Ukraine-EU, which should provide a gradual integration of the Ukrainian economy into the internal market of the European Union.

In total agreement has more than one thousand pages and consists of a preamble, seven-part, 43 applications and three protocols. Priority is given to the economic aspects of the agreement.

There is no mention of the accession of the country into the EU. For the full entry into force the document must undergo a process of parliamentary ratification by all the signatory states. Previously the political part of the Association Agreement was signed.


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