Thursday, June 26, 2014

FACT: Black Men Never Hire Lawyers Survey Says

FACT: Black Men Never Hire Lawyers Survey Says

Oh, you've seen talk shows, read books, seen speeches given talking about how judges sentence Black men 3 times longer than white men, or convict Black men 50% more than white men. Yes, all of that is true, and that is why 28% of the prison population is Black men, although Black men only make up 7% of the US population.

But that's not the CAUSE of why Black men are in jail in such high numbers, and don't be so naive to think that Black men are MORE criminal, than any other group of men. For those of you frothing at the mouth, saying that Black men are criminals, think about this. The US penal system IS INCAPABLE OF INCARCERATING ALL CRIMINALS. Let's go even a step further. The US penal system IS INCAPABLE OF INCARCERATING THE CRIMINALS THEY ACTUALLY COME ACROSS. They don't have enough room for the ones that they come across.

Yes, that means the a staggering majority of "criminals" go scott free.

Now, MAYBE, you're waking up to what a complete GAME the US penal system is. Literally it is up to chance whether you:

Black Lawyer
Black Lawyer
  1. get stopped ( yes the luck starts even here )
  2. get charged ( yes even though you've been stopped, you can still go free )
  3. get seen / heard ( yes, you can still go free here / charges dropped )
  4. get convicted ( amazing isn't it, you can be let go although all the evidence is against you )
  5. get sentenced ( you might actually not get any sentence )
So what is all the ruckus about Black men in jail? Well it seems that Black men never have luck, whereas white men, who make up a staggering number of criminals, simply because they're 50% of the population, compared to only 7% of the population being Black men, seem to have luck 5 times more often than Black men.

So what's the problem? Let's put the first fact on the table. The system is racist. Point blank, there's no debate about it. When Black men are convicted 60% more often than the ridiculous number of white men that come before a judge; and when Black men are sentenced to 300% more jail time than white men, there is no debating whether the system is racist.

But wait, there's an even worse factor involved here. It seems that a recent criminal justice survey found that Black men, coming to court, on criminal charges, almost NEVER hire a lawyer, while white men do.

So let's look at the whole picture.

1. you have the 5 lucky times you can get away scott free
2. this "luck" can be doubled or even brought to the power of 10 if you bring a lawyer with you
3. Black men never get lucky in any 5 times
4. Black men never bring a lawyer

And that is the problem. 

In the survey of the criminal justice system, they found that even POOR white people, borrow money to hire a lawyer, consistently. Meanwhile, even middle-class Blacks don't hire a lawyer, nor do their families when a Black man is brought up on charges. Consistently, they were told that "it is a waste of money."

While the facts are clear, it leads to a more sophisticated question:

"why do Blacks have a consistently erroneous understanding of the legal system, the criminal justice system, and their own empowerment to stop or deter so many Black men from being casually thrown in jail in record numbers, for records amount of time."
That is the real issue. Black people don't understand what is going on. If their answer is hiring a lawyer is a waste of money, they don't understand what is going on.


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