Thursday, June 26, 2014

Black Community Has Poor Self Image of Business

Black Community Has Poor Self Image of Business

Time and again Black businessmen have come up with a plan to really revolutionize the Black community, get everyone together, change the thinking from one of self-destruction to one of group economics. Time and again it fails. Why?

What these businessmen don't understand that, no matter how good it looks on paper, no matter how well placed the businesses, no matter how easily accessed the businesses are and the hiring of local help, it NEVER takes into account the complete sociopathic psychological damage that is the African American / Black community.

One has only to look at the evidence:

Self-Hatred Personified
Self-Hatred Personified
  • Black people voting Democrat: the founders of the KKK, Jim Crow, standing against civil rights, institutionalizing welfare, putting Planned Parenthood IN the hood
  • Black women destroying their natural hair, and insulting those Black women that wear their natural hair
  • Black people destroying their natural skin color
  • Black people voting, over and over, AGAINST their own self-interest
  • Black people hating those that educate themselves
  • Black people hating those that get ahead
  • Black people demonizing money
  • Black people praying to a white god
  • Black people saying anyone that isn't poor is going to hell
  • Black people refusing help / money / funding
  • Black people setting up themselves and their children for failure
  • Black people taking pride in being poor
All of this is evidence of a community that is out to destroy itself. This is evidence of the tremendous psychological warfare that has attacked the Black community for 140 years.

Any business person that isn't Black knows that they only have to pull up their trough, and Black people will feed from it, no questions asked.

However, if a Black business person pulls up their trough, no matter how shiny, pristine, it is, Black people will reject it. 

This is self-hatred. It has nothing to do with the Black business being substandard, overpriced, or treating the customers poorly, because the foreign businesses are guilty of that, in spades. Korean owned businesses in the Black community are notorious for being price gouging, nightmare customer service, and offering subpar products. And yet, Black people will knock down the door and make the Korean owner rich. The same goes for Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Jewish, Italian, Middle-eastern, everyone, but their own Black business owner.

Many Black people make excuses why they won't shop at a Black store, but I'm here to tell you, it's ingrained in them. They despise seeing a successful Black man. They hate giving a Black man their money. They detest seeing a Black man in an ownership position. They can't stand it, can't stand it, can't stand it, can't stand it, can't stand it, can't stand it.

Why? Because for 140 years, Blacks have been pitted against Blacks. Blacks have been told, to "get yours, you must destroy whatever your brother is holding in his hand." Black have been "TRAINED" to think that they have to step on and STOP any Black man they see rising above. 

They see a Black man carrying books, "who do you think you are? walking around with books, you is a N*****. You don't deserve to succeed."

They see a Black man in a suit, "who do you think you are? walking around in a suit. you don't deserve to get ahead of me."

Instead of lifting Black men up and hoping to be pulled up by him, and so and so on, they think that pulling that Black man down carrying books, wearing a suit, will "SET THINGS ARIGHT."

This has come FULL BLOOM when rap, where poor, uneducated, criminals are singing about how they got money, without doing any hard work whatsoever. Now, this speaks to the core essence of the self-hatred crowd. They know that punk rapping, has nothing going for him, and yet he made money, so they can be just as much a nobody as he is and get money.

All it does, is reinforce the self-hatred over and over and over. 

So the Black businessman that blows into town, with a golden economic plan to lift up that section of town, that requires hard work, sticking together, doing group economics, is no match for welfare, food stamps, drugs CONSTANTLY being poured into the neighborhood by our government, and the entertainment industry blasting a message of degeneracy 24 hours a day.

You can't say, "brother, I have seen the promised land, it's going to take hard work, discipline and stick togetherness." It will fall on deaf ears.

The self-hatred psychological miseducation is strong. POWERFUL!!! And, even those that you point it out to, will deny it, so much, that they'll even threaten violence at the mere mention of the FACTS.


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