Wednesday, January 4, 2012

While You Were Watching Iowa

While You Were Watching Iowa

The sheeple are conned into viewing the political parties as another form of sports, keep the sheeple busy with rooting for sides, while the country falls apart.

I liked the analogy. And, it does put it into real perspective, because the numbers are really too huge for even intellectuals to comprehend.  The factor by which we are even considering the entire economy is just astounding.  Think back 40 years ago we didn't even have this much money in circulation, let alone throwing around trillions to bail out wall street.

Mitt Romney Wins Iowa
People need to understand that there is no democrat, there is no republican.  There is no home team to root for.  It's just to keep you complacent so you don't see the truth - politics is about getting your friends money from the rest of us.

Follow any law, look up the history of that law, see who proposed it and who voted for it, and who benefited from it.  It will make you sick, once you realize what is really going on.

The absurdity of all of this is that, the federal government was NEVER intended to be this big, NOR was it ever intended to even impact regular citizens.  It has slowly but surely usurped power from the states.  Which, being just as corrupt, and having just as many friends to give our money to, agreed to give up the power and let the federal government take control.  You see the federal government was supposed to only deal with NATIONAL threats and national issues, i.e. other countries threatening us, not KATRINA, not 9/11, not national roads, not NATIONAL TAXES.  And, if you say "without the federal government being so big, we wouldn't have ....."  You're just being a collectivist and not understanding that there is no way a Californian cares anything about what a Texan or North Dakotan cares about.  A Nevadan doesn't care about fishing regulations in New York. Yet the federal government has forced issues on states where there was no issue.

The two party system is nothing more than entertainment to keep you from understanding how collectivism and how ridiculously large the federal government has become.

Trust me, your state can handle nearly 99% of what you, as a citizen, would ever need in life.

You want to do away with these mind bogglingly huge numbers? reduce the federal government as a whole.  It is unnecessary.

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