Sunday, January 29, 2012

Political Pundit: Iowa Voter Fraud

Political Pundit: Iowa Voter Fraud

Since I have a degree in Poli Sci, I should share some of my wisdom on this primary season.  Note I am not a Republican. Note I am not a Democrat.

Did you notice that leading up to the Iowa primary all the MSM had Ron Paul as the actual leading candidate to win Iowa. I can post clips, if you somehow forgot. In the 3rd hour, Rick Perry shows up and sucks the life out of the Primary and the debate. In fact, Ron Paul was pushed all the way to the end during the debate and Rick Perry and Mitt Romney were in the middle. The entire debate centered on them. Now note that Rick Perry attempted to pretend he was really running for president. The results?

Rick Santorum	29,839	24.6%	

Mitt Romney	29,805	24.5%	

Ron Paul	26,036	21.4%	

Newt Gingrich	16,163	13.3%	

Rick Perry	12,557	10.3%

Ron Paul fell from a sound 4% -5% lead in the polls to a dismal 3% fall behind Rick Santorum???? Who, no one was even covering.


Rick Perry sucked the life out of Iowa voters and moved Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum into position for the lead.  After voter fraud was found to be the case, they switched from Mitt Romney being the winner, to Rick Santorum being the winner. When the voter fraud annoucement came down the line, everyone expected Ron Paul to be the winner. Imagine everyone's surprise when they announced Rick Santorum, whom no one had ever heard of.

For that matter, viewing the Herman Caine campaign in 20/20 hindsight, the exact same thing could be said of him, but not in the Iowa primary, since he was not even significant enough to get on the board there. Later of course, it can be said, assuming his campaign was not legitimate, and that he ran simply to boost his speaking engagement prices and make lots of money for running for president. You do know, that that's what people do now days.

Ron Paul takes lead in latest Iowa poll

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