Friday, January 13, 2012

Marines Pee on Dead Afghans

Marines Pee on Dead Afghans

We do not want wars to end. We do not consider ourselves decent human beings. Anything to the contrary is a lie and naive at best. the powers that be make trillions ... yes trillions of dollars from war.

It is unconscionable that these men's entire future lives will be ruined because they had the NORMAL warrior reaction and the temerity to shed light on what happens in the field.

Marines Pee on Dead Afghans
Warriors from the beginning of time, peed, spit, puked, raped, quartered, tarred, burned, boiled, pooped on their enemy. you want intellectuals to be soldiers, you'll get a totally different result. you want people who will die for nothing and fight in a war for a cause that is nothing and not question that cause, you'll get pee and poop and hazing of the enemy.

Don't be shocked when you ask someone to die for nothing and pretend to have some form of decency. We're not decent to begin with, to send children off to die for nothing. And, pretending that we are decent is the ultimate lie.

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