Monday, December 12, 2011

For Blacks: A Message to Black People That Think Obama Loves Black People

A Message to Black People That Think Obama Loves Black People

Speaking with 60 Minutes’ Steve Kroft in an interview that aired Sunday night, the president said Republicans chose to stand on the sidelines while the economy worsened so that they could capitalize on blaming him.

*facepalm* What a load of horse pucky.  The presidency has moved from an equal branch of government, WELL into a powerhouse and Obama has made it rise even more than the prior president Bush.  Obama has unchecked power to do whatever he wants and some silly republican house members can't do anything to stop him.

Anyone who buys that he is a victim is a fool, no no a DAMN FOOL.  Pay attention, he has issued presidential edict after presidential edict.  He has NEVER helped Black folk and has said it point blank that he won't.

Now, after giving his wall street friends billions, he turns around to play the victim?


If you don't understand politics why are you even commenting on his interview?  He has created nearly all the legislation that has passed these past 3 years.  Where's your brain?  He is the one that has done nothing for the economy.  He is the one that offered up social security cuts.  He is the one that offered up social program cuts.  He is the one that offered domestic spending cuts.  He is the one that pitted the rich people vs poor people debate, so he could appear to be on our side, after giving away 20 trillion dollars of money we will all have to pay back. Where's your brain?

If you don't understand politics, go read a damn book. The library is free.

He doesn't love US.  He doesn't care about US.  He could give 2 flying leaping lizards about US.  He hasn't done anything for US.  But, he's done plenty to US.

Don't be fooled by the color of his skin.  Obama is against the middle class and the common american citizen.  If he wasn't ... just go look up all the presidential edicts he's made against us ALL.  Take your head out of your hind-side and pay attention.

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