Thursday, January 19, 2012

Democrats to Replace Obama in the Election

Democrats to Replace Obama in the Election

ok you democrat loving people defend this: NDAA .... wait what?

ok defend this: unemployment has actually gone UP, instead of down, you do know that millions have fallen off the unemployment charts, so the 9.5% is somewhere near DOUBLE ... WAIT WHAT?

ok defend this: the dollar has fallen 5,000 basis points ... oh i get it, you don't even know what a god damned basis point is to begin with ... wait what?

ok defend this: Obama raised fica, SS, and federal taxes, then cut payroll taxes by 1% so that your end result is a 10% increase in taxes and then claimed he lowered taxes ... wait what?

ok defend this: TARP has yet to be paid and the negative assets that the entire economic meltdown was the reason for, has never been removed off the books of the financial institutions, oh that's right, common americans forget something if it's not in the news for 2 days ... wait what?

ok defend this: credit card reform did NOT happen, you actually now pay more than you ever did before the crash and the congressional hearings on credit card reform ... wait what?

ok defend this: Obamacare is unconstitutional and does nothing for healthcare, it just makes it so everyone is charged, by force of jail time to purchase health insurance, just for being alive ... the people that needed healthcare before and didn't have health insurance WILL STILL BE UNINSURED UNDER OBAMACARE ... wait what?

ok defend this: the shadow economy of what wall street owes each other and foreign banks is actually close to $60 trillion, with a T, the entire world economy is like $15 trillion ... wait what?

ok defend this: credit default swaps, which was the major cause of Leahman Brothers and other too big to fail financial institutions to go under, deemed illegal and gambling by many attorney generals, namely the New York attorney general, has not been outlawed, nor prosecuted by the FDIC ... wait what?

ok defend this: the consumer financial protection bureau, promoted by obama was an entirely newly created agency, which actually does nothing for everyday citizens has an anual budget of $340 million ... wait what?

ok defend this: Obama went to libya and launched a full scale assault, without congressional approval, beyond the time that he was allowed, meaning it's treason, meaning he should have been impeached ... wait what?

In short, there is nothing you can defend against any of these points. This is what is NOT in the news. Whatever you thought of Bush, Obama is giving you that and destroying constitutional freedoms, going outside the power of the president, handing out money to foreign countries that we don't have, devaluing the dollar, signing stuff into law by executive order [unconstitutional].  If you're a democrat, you should call for him to be repealed and ask for an entirely new candidate, which IS A DEBATE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS ACTUALLY HAVING AT HIGHER LEVELS, WHICH YOU ALSO DO NOT SEE ON THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA. They are literally hoping democrats will forget all of these points and more, and simply go along with him. They fear that as the internet is available and information like this is available that democrats will call for his ouster. Don't worry, the republicans are actually playing along with the democrats, because realistically, it's just one party, anyway.

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