Friday, November 5, 2010

For Blacks: Black Men Like Natural Hair

Real Black Men Like Natural Hair

The Natural Hair Style
Turn on the T.V. and all you see are Black women with permed, blond, weaved hair down to their butt, fake nails longer than their own fingers, and boobs the size of basketballs, standing at attention higher than their own necklace.  They are just fake fake fake.  If we are to ever overcome the stereotypes hoisted on us, we need to first embrace that we are in fact AFRICANS.  I know so many people, I went to school with, at an all Black University, that would go into full pits of hell mode if you called them anything remotely relating to African.  The fact is, we came from Africa.  We are a transplant just like the white people so many of our lost sheep idolize.

By embracing our Blackness, we also need to embrace our hair.  We have curly coiled hair.  And, what is great about our curled coiled hair, is that we can do so much with it, unlike straight lifeless hair that other people have.  I have seen so many beautiful African godesses walking around with natural African hair that I've wondered at why any Black woman, worth her salt, would dare perm and damage and prematurely bald her own head.  It is a travesty.  And, for those that say it's easier to comb, you're not very good with math, nor finances.  Combing your natural hair takes no time, and no money, versus perming your hair takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money.

Black by Nature

The Afro
Black men, for the most part, who are self hating, love a Black woman with natural hair and nothing false on her body.  Heck, I've seen Black women without makeup that I had love at first site with.  No Black man worth his salt would ever tell a Black woman to perm her hair.  Men in general do not even think like that.  So who are you trying to get with permed hair?  Black men?  Yet, Black women complain they can't get a good Black man.  Maybe your fake hair is driving the real Black men away and you're getting the pick up a pie that's not that tasty to begin with.

Black women complain about their hair not growing.  It's not true.  First of all most Black women, in general, that I know and just happen to see, have zero nutrition.  They are severely overweight and eat crap, and i literally mean they are shoveling poop into their bodies and expecting miracles.  What Black woman you know that eats 6 helpings of vegetables, 5 helpings of essential fats from natural meats and poultry, protein from grass fed cows, meat free range chickens, and eggs from free range chickens, has bad hair?  None!  You know why?  Because she nourishes her body and consequentially her hair.  If you're as a big as a house, and eat fast food, or eat out in general, and don't ever cook your own stuff in a natural fat like butter or pig grease, how else if your hair going to turn out?  And, none of them take a raw food vitamin to supplement their already, crappy, diet.

A small percent are talking about biotin and other "hair" vitamins.  But, what they don't get is, if you're not doing the basics, like in the above paragraph, the biotin and stuff is not going to have any impact.  They murder their hair and kill their roots by perming their hair, then turn around and take biotin while eating fast food.  It's an exercise in insanity.  Trust me, if you eat real old south, home cooked meals, and take raw vitamins, your hair will have no end of growing out, and fast.

Ok now that they growing excuse is out of the picture and since we've established that real Black men prefer natural hair on their Black women, you have no excuses left as to perming and destroying your beautiful African hair.  Beyonce and Rhianna are not the role models you should be looking up to.  Women like Dr. Angela Davis, should be your beauty role models.

Let white women be white women.  Let spanish women be spanish women.  Let asian women be asian women.  You, be a Black woman, because there is only one of you.  It seems, from the outside looking in, that you don't like your own skin when you have a perm or wear a wig.  I'd prefer you put on a baseball cap, before you perm or wear a wig on your head.  Let the sistahs be sistahs.

And, I'm not the first Black man to say this.  This entire story, has been done by sooooooo many Black men.  And, Black women aren't listening.  I'm here to tell you.

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