Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seattle Cop Ian P. Walsh Punches Black Teenage Girl Full On In the Face

Seattle Cop Punches Teen Black Girl

Seattle White Cop Punches 17 Year Old Black Teen
It is not a call you ever want to receive.  As a father or mother, you never want to receive a call that someone has done something to your child.  Let's add to the horror now that you receive the call and you find out a cop has punched your teenage daughter in the face.  Not only that, but that the entire incident was over jaywalking, but not jaywalking down Madison avenue, but a side street in a residential area.

This is exactly what happened when Seattle cop  Ian P. Walsh punched a teenage bystander full in the face.  This is the second time in only a matter of weeks. Video footage shows a Seattle officer Ian P. Walsh  punching a teenage girl in the face after stopping her for jaywalking.  But the sheer craziness is that the officer had stopped a young man for jaywalking and then wanted to stop everyone on the street for jaywalking and issue them all tickets, but instead he attempted to arrest one young lady.  Yes, he wanted to arrest a young lady for jaywalking.

What is completely insane is that the video starts with the police manhandling the young lady for jaywalking.  I don't know about Seattle, but in my city you receive a ticket for jaywalking.  And, there is no cause ever to arrest someone who is jaywalking, and definitely no cause to manhandle, beat and throw a jaywalker on a steel car.  This policeman should be put in jail for assaulting a citizen.  The parents of both teens need to bring civil suits against both the city and the officer,  Ian P. Walsh, in question for violence against their teen daughters.  Noone should tolerate this from police.  Police are not here to beat on citizens.  Police do not have carte blanche to stomp, kick, racially antagonize citizens.  Any police who do, should be put in jail for their crimes, and definitely ousted from the police force.

It later came out that the police department refuses to even enter the video... actually multiple videos from different sources, into evidence against the officer.  The entire police union came to the rescue of this  Ian P. Walsh and are saying he was justified for
  • punching
  • teenage  
  • girl  

in the face. This stinks of cover-up.  It is clear that the police chief in question has no control over his officers.  And why do I say that?  --- See the Video Below ---

UPDATE: Officer Ian P. Walsh is now listed as an offender that does violence against women and has been taken off of duty and reassigned for training.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know about you but where I come from you can not even touch a police officer. The officer had a right to protect himself and to subdue this person. Resisting only escalates the situation which gives the officer even more right.
I think both of the teens were out of line and deserved what they got.

Anonymous said...

i disagree, the cop was completely out of line. have you ever watched cops? have you ever seen a cop punch a person let alone in the face. he should of tackled the girls to the ground, or used a tazer. this is police brutality

Anonymous said...

You do not touch a police officer.

Anonymous said...

The cop was not out of line. If he would have tackled or used a tazer, there would still be people crying about that. This was not an issue of racism. This girl pushed him, you DO NOT put your hands on a cop. The youth today have no respect for authority and feel like they are entitled.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if the girls werent such wild untrained animals and calmed down and realized what they were doing was wrong they wouldnt have been arrested or punched in the face.

Anonymous said...

This report would be more impressive if it wasn't laced with (literal) misinformation and apparent bigotry itself, designed to simply tweak people's emotions. She didn't get a pop for jaywalking, and it didn't "brutalize" her. Ever been Maced or Tazered? ;)

Shakaama said...

It is interesting that white people come to the defense of the white cop. The cop attacked both girls first.

Also this would not have happened at all, had the pedestrians been white.

It is the consideration of most white people in power, that Blacks are not considered to have rights: constitutional or otherwise.

There is no misinformation in this article. The facts are, the cop while in the process of giving one Black young man a ticket for jaywalking, yelled at other kids crossing the street. When the girl in question start walking away, he accosted her, physically. This guy is not the brightest bulb in the pack. He proceeded to beat her up against his metal vehicle. When the friend stepped in he pushed her. She in turn pushed him back. He then balled up his fist and punched the 17 year old Black girl squarely in the face. He then proceeded to beat the smaller girl again, against the steel car.

His claim that he was arresting her occurred before the video even started.

I could check Seattle regulations for you, but I'm sure arrest does not come out of jaywalking, which is the basis of his initial arrest. After manhandling the poor girl and the ensuing struggle he then rationalized the arrest accusation with more charges.

I have many "cop friends" and the wiser ones always say, "if you're a hot head, you're gonna have a rough time on the force, and one day you'll run into a head a lot hotter than yours." They are all disgusted at how cops behave and how the departments are run these days. They all say it's a thug operation and a shake down on the citizens.

Aaron said...

What list is Ian Walsh on? What are your sources for making this statement? Just because you make this claim does not make it fact. Can you provide links to back your statements up?

Anonymous said...

What a totally false blog. You know the person who wrote this agrees with the officer. That's why he has to lie. He is too bigoted to admit the officer was right

Ginger said...

I would venture to guess that "anonymous" is either the officer or a family member of...
No, you don't PUNCH people and loose your temper as a police officer. I work with children, and even though I am in charge, sometimes you have to watch that you don't loose your temper and start acting like the kids. You are the adult and are expected to act like one!
So, if he is supposed to uphold the law and protect the citizens (from jaywalking...), he shouldn't be PUNCHING close fisted some girl!
If he wanted to arrest her, fine, but violence was out of order for the situation.
He was not in danger ( do you really think that?????) and had no real reason (other than ego and being a hot head) for harming someone.
I hope he ends up with no job, no one will hire him because they don't want violence in their business, and no workman's comp because he abused his role in power and therefore deserved the firing.
I hope someday someone beats HIS kids (or mother or father or brother or wife) and not for any reason other than needing to be in control.This guy is sick and awful and so are half of the other cops out there.
I came across this because COPS happened to come on (I hate the show because of the police brutality) and some guy was beaten up and arrested for JAYWALKING and not having an ID (he was homeless for Pete's sake). YET, when I have had vehicles stolen (2 actually) or was hit and run, the police were too busy eating doughnuts and chasing after the jaywalkers to do anything about it...

Anonymous said...

You know some people are just stupid, like the ones on here that say the officer attacked first

Anonymous said...

Every academy teaches recruits to back off situations they find themselves unable to control. Imagine had the elderly gentleman with the spotted hat had pulled his open carry revolver. We'd have potentially had a dead simpleton SPD and an old guy facing a lengthy trial...and all over jaywalking on a residential side street? Are you kidding me?? Who hired and trained this moron. The "small man" pip squeak clearly doesn't have the temperament or judgement to work patrol,

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