Thursday, June 10, 2010

Is Carbon Bad: Real Science, Not Guess Work

The Real Science Behind Carbon

Humans are made up of 18% carbon.  So the daily toll of humans dying on the planet accounts for more carbon emissions than all the industrial output on the planet i.e. industry, cars, home use.  Not only do dead humans put out carbon when they die, they continuously put out carbon emissions over the centuries as they are buried, must faster if they themselves are burned [barbaric practice].

Plants, including trees, grasses and algae in the ocean, intake carbon for their growth.  The more carbon emitted into the atmosphere the better the yield on craps and plants.  In fact, in one summer carbon in the atmosphere can drop to by 10 parts per million, i.e. plants suck up lots of carbon. 

The people who are trying to impose a tax on us are trying to have both sides of the argument:
  •  if global warming occurs sea levels will rise
  •  if global warming occurs seas will evaporate, causing more cloud formations which will thrust us into a new ice age

You cannot have both sides of the arguments.  If the planet were to raise in temperature, and it was so drastic that sea levels were affected, the seas would recede, not rise.  Also, if there was a rise in temperature and the sea levels receded, it would not cause a tremendous vapor rush from evaporation of the ocean to cause clouds.  Water does not expand when it gets hotter, it gets smaller.  When water freezes it expands, i.e. ice is larger than water.

The second part of the emissions are animal life.  With increased carbon emissions animal life flourishes.  In the case of oceanic plankton, it is a direct increase.  Other animals increase due to better grazing, due to increased plant growth.

The huge lie that is glaringly missing from the argument that carbon emissions are higher now and thus will cause global warming, is found in the fact that carbon levels are not higher despite all of their graphs showing how many emissions have occurred in the past century.  Where is the missing carbon?

  • increased growth of forests, especially in North America;
  • increased amounts of phytoplankton in the oceans;
  • uptake by desert soils (mechanism as yet unknown). 

That's right, all this missing carbon, that has gone into overdrive, according to the liars, has been sucked up by plants.  They won't tell you about the massive hole in their theory nor where the huge hole went, i.e. plants ate it.

Know Your Science

The only defense we have to people trying to impose taxes on us, based on a scientific argument is to actually go and research the science.  These people are clearly lying to all of us.  In fact, they have paid off researchers to lie for them.  It took the concerted efforts of other real scientists to put a stop to the charade.

The end result was that big business would get more money.  This was a shakedown to end all shakedowns.  How to get lots of money from the population and give it to big business.  When I say big businesses, I mean the global conglomerates, that all the horror movies are made from.

You need to mobilize yourselves and band together to vote anyone out of office that practices such open and obvious criminal activity.  Be adult about these issues and do not bury your head in the sand, hoping it will go away.  WE all want the easy life, but not at the expense of our very lives.

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