Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Movie Review: "The Tooth Fairy" Starring "The Rock"

The Tooth Fairy

If you're a fan of "The Rock" then this movie is for you, no matter your age.  I happen to be a casual fan of his.  I'm not passionate about any human, so this is high praise coming from me.  I recommend you buy the DVD.  This is one of the movies that should be in your "kid's" *cough* collection.  Now, I have perused all the other reviews about the movie.  And, while I agree with everything they said, I still recommend the movie, over all.

This is one movie where I could dispense with picking apart the ghastly storyline and just enjoy the movie as is.

  • Derek Thompson Tooth Fairy - Dwane "The Rock" Johnson
  • Carly - Ashley Judd
  • Tracy - Stephen Merchant
  • Mick Donnelly - Ryan Sheckler
  • Ziggy - Seth MacFarlane
  • Lily - Julie Andrews
  • Randy - Chase Ellison
  • Tell - Destiny Grace Whitlock
  • Duek - Brandon T. Jackson
  • Jerry - Billy Crystal
With a very nice cast, the movie had all the possibilities going for it.  So what if the actual script was predictable and trite?  The movie did have a bit of magic to it.  No pun intended.  But, there were some touching moments and there was the predictable victory scene, but why not have a feel good movie?

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