Friday, June 4, 2010

The Libertarian View on Gay Marriage

How Libertarians Should View the Gay Marriage Debate

Gay Marriage
Since I received hate male about my article that presented all of the legal arguments surrounding gay marriage, I am going to take a completely different road and come out of left field and derail the entire issue altogether.

I will show you why a libertarian government would be the best government for all parties concerned, both gay and straight.  Everyone thinks a third party has no chance in hell in running the country: i.e. both houses and the presidency, but let me show you how your current system avoids the tough issues and keeps everyone at each other's throats with no hope of a real solution, nor discussion.

Libertarians on Gay Marriage

To put the debate simply, as it stands now, the straight people [ YES Democrats and Republicans] are nearly all against gay marriage.  The gay people are for gay marriage [ I haven't done a survey, but I believe that is the current stance of the gay community, correct me if I'm wrong ]  Both sides then go to the government and seek redress on the issue.  In fact not a few political campaigns have derailed over the issue.  It is one of the most important issues to the gay community so when they seek to endorse someone, they use the gay marriage litmus test.  Also prominent figures pander to the gay community using gay marriage as their battle cry to increase their own wealth, popularity etc.

But, let me present you with the Libertarian view on the entire subject.

  • as a Libertarian all men are responsible for their own actions
  • as a Libertarian all men are responsible for their own financial freedom
  • as a Libertarian all men are responsible for their own personal belief systems
  • as a Libertarian it is not the place of government to impinge upon the personal belief systems of any individual, unless it poses a direct threat to life, limb and property
  • as a Libertarian it is not the place of government to use force to make individuals to acquiesce to majority value systems
Understand that a Libertarian government would not even have such a debate.  Nor, could a Libertarian government be used to force the majority to listen to the minority.  And, that's what pisses both sides off about Libertarians.  Both sides wish to play politics so the Dem / Repub system works for them.  If there was a Libertarian government you could go down the path only so far.  Why?  Because you could have your freedom, but then you would have absolutely no recourse to force the other side to your viewpoint.  Under the current system, you don't have your freedoms, but you can force your viewpoint on the masses, even a minority of the populace.

Libertarian = Liberty
Look at the welfare system.  Granted this isn't true for all, but hypothetically speaking: if a man squanders away all of his money, under the current system he can then force the majority of people who saved their money, to give him some more money.  This is the current system we live under.  Under a Libertarian government, if that same man squandered his money... oh well!  Better go to Catholic Charities.

As a Black man, I think the Libertarian form of government would be much more conducive to Black people getting ahead financially and socially.


I think for this particular debate, the gay community should seriously take a look at the Libertarian party.  The Democrats and Republicans are not on their side on this particular debate.  Oh, I know some politicians pay lip service to the gay community, but the Democrats and Republicans as a whole are not for Gay marriage.  The only reason they did not go along with George Bush on the whole Constitutional Amendment, is because they saw it as political suicide.  That is the only reason.

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