Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sarah Pailin, Congressman Ron Paul, Dr. Rand Paul, Governor Rendell (video)

The Libertarian Party and the Tea Party Movement

This show goes over the Tea Party Libertarian Movement and the issues that have been brought up:
  • government intrusion on liberty - like their ability to break into your email without a court warrant
  • government spending getting out of hand
  • congress passing laws not backed by the constitution and irregardless of the constitution
  • decriminalizing drugs - like not descending on someone's home, shooting their dog to find trace amounts of marijuana in their pipe inside their bedroom
  • limited government
  • removing over 900 military bases worldwide which is bankrupting the government
  • the government being 51% of the economy today - and outrageous burst of government growth
  • candidates being backed by the libertarian party winning congressional and senate primaries
Critics say the tea party movement is small, but what they fail to realize is that for every one active tea partier there are 1,000 people who are just entangled with everyday life who cannot come out and protest.

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