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Why School Uniforms are a Horrible Idea

The Lie of School Uniforms

We've been fed this line that school uniforms are the answer to a whole host of problems in school these days. Everyone looks to Catholic schools as the model for the success of a school uniform. What they don't realize or don't want to tell you is that a Catholic school uniform means a completely different viewpoint than a public school uniform. In fact it would seem antithetical to even suggest a uniform for the mass public that attends government run schools.

Catholic school uniforms are meant as a cohesive bond between those that attend, so that the child growing up knows that they are separated from those not attending. It stands to reason, since not everyone is Catholic, nor religious. Also, you get a really good education at a Catholic school, unlike what you receive in government run schools. So while the child might be wearing a very set uniform, their mind is completely let loose to a very wide scope of education. There is no comparison between a public education and a Catholic private school education. At a catholic school, you learn not only your viewpoint, but also the viewpoint of others. The sciences are extremely advanced and the social studies covers nearly every aspect of history. For all its reputation for dogma, Catholic schools would teach history in a very wide scope and be twice less dogmatic than a public school.

"I am totally AGAINST school uniforms! One reason, of many, is Safety of the Students. For example: During a natural disaster (God Forbid) Earthquake, Tornado, etc,... How would a Parent I.D. their child? By the clothes that they were wearing, when they left home. What if a Senior decided to attack a 9th -or- 10th grade student. How would the victim describe the attacker? Let's see, Khaki Pants - Navy Blue Shirt - Brown Shoes. You get the picture. This was, is, and will ALWAYS BE a VERY BAD idea. "
So although public schools try to point to Catholic school as the model for the reasoning behind a success in a school uniform, there is no comparison with what goes on inside the school. Some of the reasoning they give is:

  • cut down on school violence, since gangs identify themselves through clothing and colors
  • cut down on preparation time for school, since there is no choices to make
  • cut down on distractions in class, since there would be nothing but a boring uniform to look at
  • cut down on the cost of clothing for growing children [ this is a complete lie, but this is what they put forth as a reason, regardless of the fact that the uniform can range around $100 for one day's uniform ]
  • cut down on social stigma of a disparity between rich kids vs poor kids
Speaking of social stigma, my mother didn't own shoes until the 3rd grade. Even then, the shoes she received were hand_me_downs from an older sister. Kids actually don't know status symbols in clothing unless the parent teaches them. Children will play with a poor or rich kid and not prefer one over the other, unless the parent steps in and teaches them this class hatred. But, those are the reason they give you for school uniforms. They stress the violence part. They stress that gang violence is dictated by clothing and gang colors. This smacks of two issues that we, as stupid Americans, are supposed to swallow

  • gang violence will always be with us and there is no alternative but to try to cut corners where we can
  • gang members are not actual thinking humans who can reason who is and who isn't a gang member
They are trying to suggest that there is no answer to gang violence in schools, but to thwart them by removing gang clothes and gang colors. Also that your child, who is in a gang, will suddenly become safe and secure from opposing gangs simply by wearing expensive state dictated clothes. Of course this isn't true at all. Not only is there a way to cut down gang violence, but gangs and any malcontents can be permanently removed from schools with one easy wave of a pen. Remove them from school! The problem is that administrators and teachers too are far too lazy to remove true malcontents.

"Not everyone should be punished for other peoples crimes! "
Oh but wait, school administrators and teachers know who to pick on. They oust kids all day long. They oust kids they know who's parents won't do anything or who's parents are too stupid to stick up for their kids. These are the kids that get ousted from school, not the genuine violent gang member. They impose their authority where it is not needed, instead of where it is sorely lacking.

"School is also the place where the next actors, writers, artists, politicians, inventors, designers and and musicians are trained. School uniforms send a clear early-life message to students that conformity is important and creativity is not, that authority is allowed to abuse it's power and constrain our constitutional right to free speech and expression. Students learn from uniforms that their individuality, political opinions and religious rights are unimportant, as is their education: students are regularly suspended for non compliance to the uniform code even if their school work is excellent. If uniform-requiring schools were actually in 'the business of learning' this would not occur."
So, in essence, the gang violence as a reason for imposing school uniforms is a red hearing. It is not the real reason for imposing school uniforms upon an unsuspecting public.

The Truth Behind School Uniforms

As stated before, schools impose their authority all day long on those who virtually or ignorantly can't fight back. So then what is the real reason behind a school uniform?

"RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH" - Cartman South Park

That's correct, the real reason behind school uniforms is not for the protection of your kid, nor is it for the cost savings to you, nor looking out for your best interest. The real reason for school uniforms is to give ultimate authority to the school / state. They wish to continuously remind the child that the school, and thereby the state, is the ultimate authority. And this uniform they see all day, every day, is a constant reminder of "who's in charge." In fact, the school is in so much control that they can make a parent put clothes on a child they say, and not what the parent says. It goes so far as to impose this on Jewish people's children wearing yarmulkes, or Islamic people's children wearing burkas. How insane is that?

For those parents who ignorantly defend school uniforms, understand that the day and hour draws near where your own personal freedoms are also infringed upon. While you stupidly defend the school uniform thinking it reduces gang violence, behind the scenes the yarmulkes, burkas, crucifix necklaces, heirloom rings and a whole host of personal items are also being removed.

Clearly wearing a yarmulke is gang violence inducing. Clearly a burka is gang violence inducing. Clearly a crucifix necklace is gang violence inducing. [end sarcasm] Obviously we are too stupid to realize when we've been had, hood winked, bamboozeled. But public schools imposing school uniforms is the tip of the iceberg. Our government wants us to conform to its demands. Why not start out early and catch children in developmental stages, so they are completely used to the idea as being the ultimate authority instead of the father or mother. Why not completely cut off our children's heads at the neck so that they never develope the where withal to question martial law, house arrest for minro infractions, mandatory sentencing for personal use drugs.

The constitution is dead. And, you people did it. I hope you all wake up and realize it. This unform issue is just another collectivist notion. That means, someone said let's put uniforms on children, and then sold a line of bull to bleeding heart idiots that are too stupid to think for themselves. Then these bleeding hearts thought to themselves, yes "for the greater good" we need to have uniforms in public schools. That is a collectivist notion. Understand that Nazi Germany started the same way. So unless you're a Nazi I recommend you desist in trying to impose your will upon other parents, simpley because you think it's a good idea.

How to Defeat School Uniforms in Your Kid's School

It would be remiss of me to give you a topic and then not give you a sound and wise resolution to the issue. First of all, understand how serious a matter this is. We are talking about your child and your child's future as an adult. Understand that this is no laughing matter, nor is it a frivilous one. People are quick to dismiss serious issues they don't want to talk about or that they are uncomfortable with or just plainly ignorant about. Instead of them facing their problems or educating themselves, they try to instead laugh it off. Don't be that person. We must be strong men and women and Americans. You must sacrifice so that your children and children's children can have a brighter future.

I hope that was enough to get across that I am stressing this is a serious issue.

The answer to the issue then is you must spare no expense in getting rid of school uniforms. If they oppose you with "but you're promoting gang violence if you remove school uniforms," you have to respond with "that's what the police are paid for, to get rid of criminals." Surely a policeman making $100,000 / year can take time out of his busy schedule to arrest and remove undesireable children involded in gang violence from a school. They even have gang task forces now, so there is no excuse about gang violence.

Be prepared to go to court. Lawyers are not only good for representing sheisters in our country, but they can also be your best friend in protecting your own freedoms. It would be nothing but joy to a lawyer to sue a whole school board and / or state on your behalf to defend your constitutional freedoms. I recommend demanding a meeting with the school board and sending them your demand in writing before the meeting so that there is nothing left open to discussion. You should demand they remove school uniform requirements immediately. If, when you go to the meeting, you could, bring your lawyer friend with you, not only to hear the meeting first hand, but also to impress upon them, how serious you are about the matter. If they do not remove the uniform requirement immediately, go to court and file.

It is really just that simple. If you cannot afford it personally, call as many parents as you can and gather them all under one lawyer. That is even more icing on the cake for a lawyer, a class action lawsuit.

Lastly, it may be the case that the lawyer might say the supreme court already said, 30 years ago that the school has a right to dictate what a kid can wear and that the constitution doesn't apply to children. If the constitution doesn't apply to children, that would mean the police could come in and take all of your children and make them into slaves and work for the state. You laugh, but that's exactly how ridiculous that statement is. The constitution applies more so to children than any of us. Because, the constitution is to protect those against the state, who can't defend themselves. Who does that define more than a child? No one! Find a lawyer that is enlightened enough to understand that. Once you find such a lawyer, the rest will be gravy.

The school / state has no business telling parents what their child can and cannot wear. Should you get anything other than a "yes and thank you for bringing that to our attention," [ meaning if you feal threatened by the school board or some other governmental entity ] walk, no RUN to your lawyer and tell him.

Educate yourself on the constitution.

[none of this is to be construed as legal advice]

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Ha. said...

Don't forget that everyone now looks like they work at Wal-Mart. Gotta love those Golf tees.
Synthetic fibers are a distraction as they don't breathe and are very uncomfortable. most school uniforms are at least part poly-esther. That's like wearing plastic.
They are produced in other countries by, probably, slave labor.
Bad for the country, bad for the environment, uncomfortable, and expensive.
What's not to love?

Shakaama said...

Oh i'm sure that's probably THE major reason that school uniforms are even being pushed in the first place. There's no way that school districts just up and decide to switch to uniforms out of the goodness of their hearts.

You're right. More than likely, some manufacturer who has slave Indonesian labor, make cheap polyester uniforms and sell them at a whopping $200 for a complete outfit. Get that passed as a law for an entire district and you have just made yourself a cool $500k each semester, since some districts are now *gasp* year round. Gee wonder who thought that up?

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm totally focussed on my schoolwork as I sit there trying to be comfortable in my extremely tight and scratchy uniform....................

Anonymous said...

seriously you need to relax about this, conformity is all around us all day and every day of our childhood and adult lives, so teaching a child to fit in at an early age is an easier lesson than later in life... you become a nurse,doctor, lawyer, mechanic or even work at McDonald's we all wear that specific uniform, you dont see your Lawyer wearing surf gear in the office or a cashier in a suit. We are programmed from birth to act a certain way, the school uniform is part of that cycle...

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