Friday, October 9, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize Goes to a Warmonger

Barrack Obama Awarded Nobel Peace Prize: Although He's at War in 20 Countries

While I like Obama for many things, while I applaud Obama for his tenacity, while I admire Obama for his shrewdness, while I enjoy Obama for his eloquence, while I am proud of Obama for his dignity, I do not agree that he should have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize by the Norwegian Nobel Committee. Obama is at war in at least a score of different countries. Obama has a manhunt to shoot and kill at least 100 different people, not a few of them who have never harmed a U.S. citizen in their entire life. Obama has supported businesses which have murdered millions of 3rd world citizens; starved children to death; drugged pregnant mothers causing miscarriages by the hundreds of thousands; caused inter-tribal upset resulting in genocide.

This is not a person you give a Nobel Peace Prize to. But, since they have given it to him, then it calls into question if the Nobel Peace Prize is representing what it used to represent: the recognition of true pioneers in the world of peace. They used to recognize very unpopular people; people whom governments were after; people who risked their lives to save countrymen; people who gave their last breath to feed the hungry; people who stood in the gap against big business that was harming their countrymen. This is what the Nobel Peace Prize used to mean. In fact, quite a few of the Nobel Peace Prize winners, went on to achieve Sainthood by the Catholic Church.

No one, in their right mind, would ever mistake Barrack Obama for a saint. Unless you're drinking the cool-aid he's spoon feeding his loyal followers. The country is falling apart around him and yet his sycophants continue to lavish praises on him. People are out of work for over a year, and yet are still saying "he's A OK with me."

Jimmy Carter, HIM, yes, I'd agree he deserved a Nobel Peace Prize, while he was in office. But, he did get one in 2002. Carter has to be one of the truly caring presidents to ever grace the seat of power. And, everyone hated him for it. Everyone is crying now because Ben Bernanke and congress are throwing away our tax dollars, but under Carter, the made a fiscal policy that would have turned this entire mess around. Instead, everyone booted him out of office, and brought in Reagan, that stole your money, consorted with terrorists, and lied under oath at the investigation. Oh, and you voted him back in for a 2nd term. Oh, and you declared him a legend. Oh, and you'll kill anyone that tells you what he really did in office, i.e. brought down the value of the dollar 100% after he left office, ignored a complete report about the Federal Reserve that said point blank it was a complete and total sham to steal American tax payer money.

Should Obama be awarded a peace prize? No, he's continuing every single thing George W. Bush did. And, I know you wouldn't agree with him receiving a peace prize.

Wake up people.

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