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Millions of Africans Gone without any Threats

Without a Threat

If you have been paying attention to the news for the past 20 years, Africans are dying by the millions. These reports invariably say that millions upon millions of Africans have:


Some people even believe that AIDS started in Africa. What you don't know is that the media is relying on the W.H.O. (World Health Organization). So then the question is how did the W.H.O. come up with these numbers, millions.

What's the Definition of AIDS in Africa

Well the W.H.O. has a specific definition of AIDS when it comes to Africa. Wait! Did you just read that correctly? Yes! The W.H.O. has a different definition of AIDS in Africa than it does in America, Germany, Australia, or France. Then the question is, "what is the definition of AIDS in Africa?"

Hold on to your seat. This has to be the most retarded thing ever imagined by "medical" professionals.

The Bangui definition of AIDS (in Africa) -is defined as:

1. if a person has 3 of the following 4 symptoms, then that person automatically has AIDS.
  • persistent cough
  • persistent fever
  • weight loss
  • persistent diarrhea
2. if any of the 3 symptoms are found, then you will be classified as having AIDS, without any other AIDS test.

In Africa, tuberculosis, malaria, anemia, malnutrition, tropical diseases, and the remnants of colonialism that raped the land and the people has left millions of people broken and in perpetual ill health. The very loose definition of AIDS then sweeps all the above, real live threats to people's health in Africa, under the rug. But, what could be motivating the W.H.O. to diagnose millions like this? And, by the way, they haven't tested anyone in Africa. This number, "millions", was actually done on a computer "model" of what Africa should look like, if that definition existed. So not only is the definition insane, the supposed number of AIDS cases is even false.

Why Do They Want Millions of Africans to be Diagnosed with AIDS?

The response to a diagnosis of AIDS is that there will be a lot of grant money given by people sympathetic to AIDS, and donations given by European and Western governments in response to a finding of AIDS.

Ok, what is done with all of these millions, no, billions of dollars in grant / donations? It is used to purchase:


The billions of dollars that is given for AIDS is funneled straight through large pharmaceutical companies in the form of purchasing AIDS "medicine."

As it stands today, there has not been any medical proof that AIDS exists. In fact, HIV is a complete medical farce. No doctor, scientist nor pharmacists has ever found the HIV virus, nor isolated it. Also, the FDA has made it clear that it has never, to this day, approved any HIV "TEST". OH MY GOD! How come the media doesn't report this? Yes, the FDA has never approved any HIV test, nor an HIV drug.

The AIDS medicine that is handed out gones the patient. The largest side effects of AZT and Protease inhibitors is liver failure and heart attack / failure. And this occurs in every case, and gones the patient well before any "AIDS" symptoms occurs.

In fact since AIDS was first discovered, it went from being the cause of 2 symptomatic diseases, to now covering 30 different diseases, including cancer. So, clearly the word AIDS is now even use euphemistically. This was done by the CDC (center for disease control).

What does this have to do with Africa? The AIDS drugs makes the patients anemic. Africa is riddled with anemia already. If you then present a drug that makes you anemic as well, then you become, what is known in the medical profession as "transfusion dependent". This means that an anemic person, presented with a drug that makes them more anemic has to have constant blood transfusions. However, in Africa, blood transfusions are next to non-existent. So, the anemic patient, taking anemic inducing drugs, simply dies.

So these billions of Africans are put onto AIDS drugs and are gones . It is just that simple.

It is very interesting to note, President Thabo Mbeki’s of South Africa, rejected the AIDS science, "there is no such thing as AIDS / HIV," after hearing all sides of the issue. The world community hushed him up. They brought tremendous pressures to bear on the country. And then said all these "deaths" were from AIDS and that the president was leading his people down a path of ignorance. Of course, no one tested the people that died, nor did they even note what the actual causes of death were. They even put out a statistics that 25% of South Africa had HIV / AIDS. Really? 1 in 4 people in an entire country having HIV / AIDS?

It just plays upon people's ignorance. We are all so trusting of Doctors and the medical community, that we don't think they could ever be wrong. They also say that HIV / AIDS is a gender transmitted disease, yet in Africa, men only have a 6% exposure to HIV whereas women have a 25% exposure. Clearly men are more promiscuous than women, but the HIV / AIDS cannot explain why this is. This just also solidifies that HIV / AIDS is a myth. You cannot have a 80% promiscuous group of men only have a 6% exposure to HIV yet it be a gender transmitted disease.

Understand this, some noble prize winners and members of the Royal Academy of Medicine in England and Europe have been ousted and silenced when they presented proof that there was no such thing as HIV nor AIDS. One doctor in San Francisco has over 200 patients, supposedly diagnosed as having AIDS, that he treated for their real diseases, and all are alive, and take no medicine. But, when he presented his findings he was shut out of the medical community as well. Countless stories exist of journalists, doctors, laboratory scientists, biologists who have questioned the myth of AIDS / HIV have all had their careers end immediately or their funding removed.

Who do you think is behind this? Why, the pharmaceutical companies of course. Not only that, but municipalities get money for every HIV diagnosis in their city each year. The federal government pays our cities cold hard cash, if they report people's names as being diagnosed with HIV. The city then pressures doctors to "test" for HIV.
Recall above I told you there is no test of HIV. Even the test kit says right in the kit, that you as a patient never sees, "this kit is not to be used to diagnose HIV". Those are the insert instructions in each HIV kit.

Follow the money

  • HIV test
  • HIV diagnosis
  • doctor
  • city
  • HIV medicine

Every major organization in Africa today is involved in AIDS. They donate their money and time around the myth of AIDS. They no longer give out nutritious meals, or clean water. They prefer to hand out condoms and give AIDS speeches.

This is how and why you can and will gones millions upon millions of Africans. You would think that they would have their own doctors and scientists. Even today, Africa still depends on European powers to tell them what to do. They are no more free now than they were when they were a colony. Their own doctors are bought and paid for by big pharma (the mulsti-national pharmaceutical companies). They will not rest till every African is dead. Then they will return and rape the land of all of its rich natural resources.

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Anonymous said...

What!? Thats the dumbest definition I ever heard. Theres so many other problems there that can cause those symptoms like you listed. Wth seriously.


Shakaama said...

Hey Spaz,

Yes that's the Bangui Definition of HIV / AIDS in Africa. That is how the W.H.O. defines HIV / AIDS in Africa. They do this on purpose, because exactly like you said there could be anything that could cause those "symptoms". In fact you could be completely healthy, let's say you changed your diet, you lost weight, but your body wasn't used to the new food. You could get a fever and a cough from it, and they would define you as having AIDS.

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