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Medicating Your Kids

Are You Falling Prey to Giant Pharmaceutical Companies

If you own a business, the lifeblood of that business is to get your product out there and sold. The more people your sell your product to, the better. Some times products do not do so well. If you are the actual inventor of the product, you try and repackage the product and put it back out there. Some times millions of dollars go into researching these products. If you're a giant pharmaceutical company, the amount of dollars put in research is staggering. And, a lot of times these products do not work, no matter how much money they put into them. These huge companies however have to answer to boards, stockholders, overseers. As such, instead of throwing away a product that doesn't work, they put it out there anyway.


One such product was fluoride. If you just casually research where fluoride comes from you get a very startling look into what you thought was something actually good for you, when in fact it's toxic waste:

[excerpt taken from instructions on how to produce sodium fluoride]
"I'm going to assume you want 100ppm by mass, since this is really the only way that makes sense with a solid and liquid. First, you need to get a fluoride salt. I will use sodium fluoride as an example - it may or may not matter which salt depending on what you're trying to do. Be careful, fluoride compounds can be toxic. Second, you need to figure out what percentage of the salt is actually fluoride. To do this in our example, first look up the molecular weights of sodium and fluorine on a periodic table (the numbers at the bottom of the squares). Sodium (Na) has a molecular weight of 22.989, Fluorine (Fl) weighs 18.998. Add these to get the total molecular weight of sodium fluoride"

[letter to CDC]
In a PDF fact sheet about fluorides you said it prevents tooth decay. I think this statement needs to be removed. It is not based in any scientific fact and would lead the common civilian to believe it is medically safe to handle fluorides or even ingest it.

Fluorides are highly toxic to humans and livestock. I was shocked that someone at the CDC would pretend otherwise. Whomever wrote the fact sheet should probably lose their job over such a patently false and misleading statement. Fluorides in fact leads to the degradation of teeth and bones, mental instability, neurological damage, i.q. damage and lowering, lowered sperm count, infertility, brittle bones, skin irritation, eye irritation, respiratory tract chronic disorders, heart disorders and damage, cancer and of course death.

I don't know who in your organization is putting forth false claims of fluoride as being any benefit to humans. Quite frankly it is an industrial waste product and I'm sure the clean up is quite expensive. But, apparently you need to look out for nefarious individuals in your organization trying to fool the general populous. It is unconscionable to think someone would lead civilians astray to the point that they could expose themselves to fluoride, resulting in death. It would be on par of someone saying mercury was a cure for skin rashes or stomach ache. It is just unthinkable someone would say that.

Very concerned citizen
P.S. I would hope you would do something to remedy this very bad and false information. People could be dying from exposure to fluoride.
If you really want to be safe, you can simply make your own toothpaste. It is easier than actually buying toothpaste, because the ingredients are something you use every day and can stock up on anyway.

Home Made Toothpaste Recipe:
  • Mixing bowl
  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • 6 teaspoons stevia
  • 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide
  • 1/2 teaspoon peppermint oil / vanilla extract / ginger / ground cinnamon [whatever flavor you like that has absolutely NO SUGAR
Mix all in bowl, until it turns into a paste or what is normally a paste. Add more hydrogen peroxide to achieve the consistency you like.

This is actually 10 times much better than store bought toothpaste, because:
  1. it's virtually free since you would be using those products normally for other things
  2. you know exactly what is in the toothpaste
  3. there are absolutely no harsh chemicals in the paste
  4. there is absolutely no risk of any harm coming to you or your children
As always don't add any acids to the baking soda. When brushing spend at least 90 seconds brushing so as to completely dissolve the baking soda in the saliva. The only abrasive product in this will be your own toothbrush.

Imaginary Friends: The Schizophrenia Scare

Recently Oprah Winfrey had a show that showcased 2 young cute girls who talked about their imaginary friends. You can imagine how funny such a show would be. They went on about what the imaginary friend would say or what they would tell it. They even pretended their imaginary friend was from a different country, all made up of course, and they would visit them and described it to Oprah. They even said "I like Callilani better than this world."

Boring show, if that's all there were to it. But, of course, no day time t.v. show would be complete without some quack doctor who comes along to tell the audience how deranged and evil these two little girls are.

What was his shocking theory? These two girl suffer from Schizophrenia and must be medicated. In fact, the two little girls had been under medication already by their parents. It was later revealed that the father and the mother both beat and starved the girls in an effort to control the troubling behavior they didn't approve of. The medical doctor of course said that the girls were psychotic and suffered from schizophrenia.

There is an organization, called Intervoice, that has some great advice for you the parent, on how to handle, cope and get over it [you, not the child. half the time the problem is you. your child is screaming out to you and you don't even realize what you're doing] Here's an excerpt of their advice:

  1. Try not to over react. Although it is understandable that you will be worried, work hard not to communicate your anxiety to your child.
  2. Accept the reality of the voice experience for your child: ask about the voices, how long the child has been hearing them, who or what they are, do they have names, what they say, etc.
  3. Let your child know that lots of children hear voices and that usually they go away after a while.
  4. Even if the voices do not disappear your child might learn to live in harmony with his or her voices
  5. It is important to break down your child’s sense of isolation and difference from other children. Your child is special - unusual perhaps, but really not abnormal.
  6. Find out if your child has any difficulties or problems that he or she finds very hard to cope with, and work on trying to fix those problems. Think back to when the voices first started. When did the voices arise for the first time? What was happening to your child when the voices first appeared? Was there anything unusual or stressful that might have occurred?
Acknowledge, listen, understand! Sometimes the root of the issue might be a bully at school, and your child tried to tell you or is afraid to tell you, so they act it out instead. Or something you're doing, unwittingly, and the child doesn't know how to confront you, because confronting someone is a very sophisticated action. That's why so many grown men just result to fighting instead of properly confronting someone. Confrontation is a high brain function. Fighting, is a low brain function. It would be VERY wise of you to teach your child how to confront a person/place / thing. Some of the greatest philosophers and war generals in history all were expert at confrontation. So, your child might be incapable of confronting you, or someone else, and is seeking your very help in the matter. Understand this and open your mind and eyes to what is really going on. Under no circumstances would you go to a psychiatrist who is going to look for a simple conclusion and diagnose your child with "schizophrenia".

What is schizophrenia? Schizophrenia is a psychiatric term that means absolutely nothing. It means the doctor has no idea what is going on in the mind of the patient. It could even be labeled to a person that is absolutely normal. Pretty shocking eh? Yes, you, yourself could be diagnosed as being schizophrenic. There is no medical basis for the world and it literally is a catchall definition.

Imagine if you will. Let's say you were somewhat wealthy. Let's say you were middle aged and your children were all grown adults. They could, if they were vindictive, get a medical doctor to declare you suffered from schizophrenia, have one of them pointed as the executor and legal guardian of your estate and seize all of your assets for themselves.

In fact the government can have you declared schizophrenic. Let's say you saw something they don't want you to know about. Delusional Schizophrenic! Locked up and key thrown away.

However, many child development experts have for years explained that imaginary friends are a good sign and show it as a part of child development. They even have cartoons on t.v. now based on the phenomenon. Some experts say:

Young children three and four years-old, and many older children (as well as some teenagers), report having imaginary companions. Imaginary friends can provide emotional stability, feelings of competence and a sense of enhanced social perception.

If you are concerned about your child having a mental condition:

The United States Patent Office delayed issuing a patent on the Wright brothers’ airplane for five years because it broke accepted scientific principles. This is actually true. And so is this: Vitamin B-3, niacin, is scientifically proven to be effective against psychosis, and yet the medical profession has delayed endorsing it. Not for five years, but for fifty.

In 1952, Abram Hoffer, PhD, MD, had just completed his psychiatry residency. What’s more, he had proven, with the very first double-blind, placebo-controlled studies in the history of psychiatry, that vitamin B-3 could cure schizophrenia.
There you have it. Vitamin B-3 apparently cures mental illness. I've heard of Dr. Hoffer off and on now for over 10 years. He's been ascribed to many positive things. We all benefit from him not receiving that patent. For now we can benefit from both his studies, and still buy Niacin cheaply.


I may pick up more topics about medicating your kids later on, but for now I'm beat and will close this. Medicating a very young human has to be the essence of irresponsibility. Not only are drugs already toxic to adults, but to children it can cause permanent and instantly fatal results. Understand that as adults, we have a lifetime of cellular structures that have matured and developed. A child has no such defense mechanisms. Also, deficiencies in children are much more readily apparent. If there is a deficiency in vitamin B-3, you'll see "odd" behavior.

Don't medicate the child. First sit down and go over what the child has been eating and NOT eating for the past year or even 2 years. You might be shocked to find out that your child never eats broccoli or brussels sprouts or greens. You ate it as a child, but you've been denying it to your child.

Perhaps you're one of these parents who makes spinach and the child whines and you cave in and don't make them eat it. Wait! You're now the child and the kid is your parent. Shame on you. Seriously, are you trying to kill your child? If you don't have the stomach to stand up to your own kid, why did you have the kid in the first place? You need to both be man [or woman] enough to stand up to your own child, and father [or mother] enough to protect them from quack doctors that want to medicate them to death. You need to just grin and bear it and force your child to eat the spinach or brussels sprouts. The child should no more dictate to you, than the quack doctor who's getting paid by the pharmaceutical companies to push drugs onto you. There may be crying and whining now, but in 10-20 years when they aren't in the grave from vitamin deficiencies that you could have easily remedied, you'll be thanking me.

Should we be medicating our children? No. Our children are little untainted sponges. Give them food and water. Give them vitamins and minerals to grow big and strong. Remember you can't get all of the vitamins and minerals from just eating, so you have to give them vitamins and minerals too. Remember when you were pregnant and you had to take all those vitamins? They were for the baby to have the best opportunity to come out healthy and normal. Why would you stop when they are already out of you.

Remember, I pray for you all. God bless.

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