Wednesday, October 14, 2009

DUI Checkpoints a Great Way for the Government to Make Money

DUI Checkpoints

SKIPPACK PA – Expect drunk driving checkpoints operated by the Pennsylvania State Police from Troop K barracks in Skippack PA, and across the state, to continue for the next 12 months. Arrests of intoxicated drivers caught by the program “make it worthwhile” to keep at it, State Police Commissioner Frank E. Pawlowski said.

Under what Pawlowski called the “Checkpoint Strikeforce Initiative” that began last October, each of the 15 regional state police troops conducts a random sobriety checkpoint within its troop area every weekend. When the weather’s bad, troops conduct roving DUI patrols rather than man a checkpoint.

During the past 12 months, Pawlowski said troopers made 1,574 DUI arrests as the direct result of checkpoints and 868 DUI arrests as the result of roving patrols. Troop K, which covers Montgomery, Delaware and Philadelphia counties, accounted for 191 of those arrests.

The enforcement effort is paid for in part by federal funding through the state Department of Transportation.

The Problem with DUI Checkpoints

Let's begin by saying the word Unconstitutional. Repeat after me: "UNCONSTITUTIONAL". What is really insane is that police take an oath to uphold the constitution, as do politicians, as does the military.

We let this happen. Yes you, let this happen. When you hear about a DUI checkpoint, you say nothing. When you are stopped at a DUI checkpoint you say nothing. You let police intimidate you as if this were in fact NAZI Germany. You let police run all over you roughshod and you say nothing.

The courts let this happen. They are so afraid of not getting re-elected as judges, or not getting promoted to the supreme court that they go along with it. We have no judges with balls. We have no one fighting for citizens. Even life time appointed judges comply with the status quo. It is unconscionable to even entertain that any of this is constitutional. They have allowed the power of the court to be usurped little by little. From the 1800s to today, the court has nearly no power. It serves more as an instrument of the presidency than it does it's own body. State courts serve the police and the governor, not as a separate body to keep tabs on them or to keep them in check.

But the courts can't act alone. We need sober citizens to go complain to the mayors and governors. We need sober citizens to bring lawsuits against police departments. We need civil suits and criminal suits brought against individual police. Only when we wake up and realize it is we that has the power, will they recognize this.

We are being raped of tax dollars all in the name of safety?
"He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither." - Benjamin Franklin

They are making these checkpoints; police are getting overtime; and the federal government is funding it all with our tax money. And when asked why, they say "the arrests make it worth it"? Hogwash! Time after time they have checkpoints and come to find out that less than 1% are even charged with ANYTHING. That means if they stop 1,000 vehicles: they might find 4 driving without license; 3 driving without insurance; and 1 near the limit. One DUI arrest out of 1,000 people's constitutional rights violated does not justify creating the dui checkpoint. I hope you get mad as hell at these numbers. Once we are used to these checkpoints, and they are becoming more frequent, it is nothing to say they can't say they are going to go house to house to search for contraband.

What would stop them from going to house to house and searching? You didn't say anything when they stopped you in your car. You didn't demand your tax dollars not be used to violate your constitutional rights. You said nothing. You sat in your car cringing at the big scary cop with bad breath, not saying a word.

What are you afraid of? Jail? Is that the worst thing in your life that could happen to you? You are giving up your real freedom for the threat of potentional loss of freedom, i.e. you are giving up your constituional freedom willingly because you are afraid if you speak up they might throw you in jail and lose your freedom.

Do you know Ben Franklin made that quote while the country was at war? So here is a guy that said, I will not allow you to use this war as an excuse to rape and pillage my freedoms all in the name of protecting us from possible war invaders. How many U.S. founding fathers risked life, limb, freedom to make this country free from this very same tyranny? And, we let them do it to us, AND we pay for the privilege.

The DUI Checkpoint Pocketbook Scam

How much money could be saved if every state stopped their unconstitutional DUI checkpoints? Millions of dollars per state and billions yearly by the federal government. This is what it boils down to. Forget constitutional, forget rights, you are being suckered into paying more taxes all in the name of safety. You are being taken for a ride on your dollar. They are telling you they are making these checkpoints for your safety. What is really happening is that you are paying more in taxes yearly, which grows the government. The more programs they start up and continuosly have, the more justification they have to charge more in taxes. So they raise taxes for DUI checkpoints and make them more and more frequently. No one complains about it. Instead of raising taxes for homeless shelters or welfare or school activities, which no one wants to do or fund, they instead fund DUI checkpoints to the tune of millions of dollars.

If they can't get your money by appealing to your guilty conscious, they'll scare you into handing over the money instead. And, you fall for it. How many "programs" are being funded like this? They raise taxes every state and federal session. No one complains. But, if they say they need more taxes for medicare, there's a big uproar. So instead, they have these safety programs that everyone agrees to and goes along with, without complaint. They scare and scare you into handing over the money. And, you fall for it every year.

Wake up!

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