Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Last Straw: Hollywood Showing Children Talking Back to Parents

Hollywood Showing Children Talking Back to Parents

Lately I have noticed a new trend in movies and tv shows, Hollywood having children talk back to their parents. It has all come full circle. The american family is under severe attack.

First it was putting out divorce as a statistic and making sure everyone knew that divorce was a "reality". No the real truth is that they were promoting divorce. Divorced people are miserable people and offer no resistance to authority.

Second it was destroying relationships before they even began: men are dogs; women are gender . Why have a relationship with someone that is just going to hurt you in the long run.

Third we have the one night stand promotion. Casual gender became the norm in movies, ads, shows and the general media. Why bother with a relationship when you can just have gender with "no strings attached." It has gotten so bad, that now they promote it as an "adult relationship." No it's a gender relationship. And, if you can have gender with someone who doesn't want anything to do with you, why EVER get married.

Fourth and fifth, we have kids portrayed as talking just like adults, i.e. being as smart as an adult and talking back to their parents. Some idiot parents see this enough and assume that children are just small adults and erroneously ascribe the benefit of having lived 30 years when talking to them. They think that when the kid cries or says something stupid, that instead of them understanding they are six, they take it to mean they are being manipulative. These idiot parents buy into the propaganda that kids are more mature and even smart... to the point of adult intelligence. So when the kid acts like a child, they take it as offensive and get angry and do stupid things to the kid.

Then when these people see the child talking back to their parents on screen, it reinforces this stupid notion that the child knows what he is talking about and are again being manipulative. The end result is that more and more people think to not have children.

No need to get married, because the point of marriage is having a family. If you're against children then you don't want to get married. If you don't get married then that means you don't have to take off for maternity / paternity leave from work. As a single person, you have no responsibilities that come before your job, one of the problems of hiring someone married. Also a married person puts their family above the government. In the end the governments wants soft, pliable sheep that have nothing they consider more important than the government.

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