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Movie Review: Meeting Evil

Movie Review: Meeting Evil

"When John Fleton (Luke Wilson), a depressed suburban family man and recently fired realtor, offers to help a stranger, Richie (Samuel Jackson), with his car, John is sucked into a surreal, nightmarish murder spree that forces him to question everything about his life, his mode of behavior, and the very nature of evil."

Samuel Jackson as Richie

  • Samuel Jackson
  • Luke Wilson

  • Chris Fischer

If you thought this was a cerebral thriller, you were wrong. It gets a 1 star from every critic and even audiences didn't like it. Samuel Jackson obviously is trying to pad his paycheck by doing these horrible films.

On the one hand it is good to see a Black person as the villain, with intelligence and more to him than just shooting and cursing, however Samuel Jackson has only one setting for his acting, shooting and cursing.

Luke Wilson as John
The film pretends it's a psychological thriller, but it ends up being nothing more than a hired killer turned good guy, turned bad guy, turned good guy. And, of course in the end the white people turn on the Black guy, even in the face of the Black guy revealing that the truly guilty person is the white woman. And the only other Black person in the movie ends up killing him. That's what Hollywood wants to beat into our brains: Black on Black crime.

Oh and there is a scene straight out of gone with the wind, where the white woman Joanie (Leslie Bibb), the wife, is flanked by her children and tells off the negro she-cop Latisha (Tracie Thoms). Subconsciously it says "the white woman put the nigger woman in her place", once again. The irony is that the audience is mislead into rooting for the white woman, but we are later shamed because the truly evil person in the movie is this same white woman.

Leslie Bibb as Joanie
The scene was unnecessary and lent nothing to the movie. It did not lead to anything else following it. It was simply put in the movie to hammer home the idea and visual that the 90lb white woman put a nigger in her place, even though she was a police officer.

The entire movie is formulaic and as a Black man, we are still subconsciously put in our place. You cannot just have the killer, happen to be Black. The racial undertones were blatant and obvious: nigger stay in your place. But, then again, that is nearly every Hollywood movie, isn't it?

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