Thursday, August 2, 2012

Why Africans are Poor: Europeans Asians and Middle Easterners Taking Thousands of Acres of Farmland

Europeans Asians and Middle Easterners Taking Thousands of Acres of Farmland

When Robert Mugabe announced that white farmers would have to vacate their farms and leave Zimbabwe, it erupted into a world cacophony against the tiny African leader. But wait, 3,000 white farmers owned 50% of all of the Zimbabwe's arable land. The other 50% was divided among 12 million Africans. The white farmers said how dare he seize our land.

Of course, it is laughable that the white farmers would even think such a thing. Today we would expect any African leader, who is first generation post-colonial administration to correct or try to correct most of the ills the nation suffered under European rule.

However, the colonial powers never let go and will not let go. Most African nations are independent in name only. The riches, resources and land still are held in white or non-black hands.

After slavery was looked down upon colonial powers simply turned to seizing the riches of Africa directly.

Many African nations export their riches, at no gain to themselves. Very young and immature leaders of African nations have given away resources that was not theirs to give.

And, now we have the land issue. African leaders are party to contracting out or giving away tribal lands that they have no control over. For instance, China now owns over 3 million hectares each, in nearly all the sub-saharan African nations. They have displaced entire villages. Government officials descended on tribal lands and at gunpoint made the owners leave, people who had been on the land for thousands of years.

China’s efforts have now turned to acquiring control of thousands of acres of arable farm land (at bargain prices) in Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Madagascar and elsewhere on the continent. India and Saudi Arabia are also pursuing large concessions of arable land to also feed their people, using the African’s land and water resources.

Notably the Saudis and neighboring Arab countries have been busy leasing tracts of land in Kenya, and in Sudan which is one of the poorest-destitute countries in sub-Saharan Africa. The West Darfur region of Sudan is where more than five million people have been displaced, and thousands have died from genocide and starvation.

The problem is always that the land is so underdeveloped that there is no infrastructure for the tribes to even have recourse against the government. Imagine the thousand hectares is located 12 miles off the nearest road.

As if that were not enough to make you cry, by itself, these Europeans or Chinese then come farm the land and ship every drop of grain or whatever, back to China. The millions of hectares of produce is not even used inside the country.

Some would blame the leaders for this, but you have to consider all the factors. Most of these leaders are 1st or 2nd generations rebel leaders. They are not professional politicians. They are not financial wizards, nor do they have such at their disposal. The people doing the contracting are the actual European or Chinese governments, who have a limitless amount of resources to figure out the best possible way to screw these immature African leaders.

These same powers turn around and claim they are giving aid to Africa.

Of course Africa would not need aid if it used even 50%, 60%, or even 70% of its own resources and produce. Africa would not need aid if it used 30% of its oil and traded its own oil at market prices. Yes, a lot of countries go into African nations and acquire the oil rights for nothing, leaving the population and the nation to starve, with nothing to show for it.

We now have European Apologists and Chinese Apologists in Africa. Africans who tour the continent defending the Chinese or European's right to do business on the continent.

These nations literally won their independence, only to be turned around and enslaved all over again.

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