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How to game the system as a Black american

How to game the System as a Black American

I used to have an online tv show. A few of my viewers were Black. They still stay in contact with me. I was asking them the other day if they had plans for their life and career and future. Most of them gave me answers that their end goal were very low paying jobs. The very idea that your end goal is a low paying job, to me, IS BLASPHEMY. Why go to school and pay money to get a job paying $40,000 when you could come out making $150,000, same school, same teachers.

It dawned on me, that Black people do not know how to game the system. Black people listen to the nonsense they hear each Sunday and think that applies to their life. Or worse, they think everyone else applies it in their life. That's why Black wealth fell from a horrible $12,000 per household, to a staggering $5,000 per household. I cannot even believe that number.

I have provided a list of goals you should achieve to game the system. Mind you, I personally do not want the entire Black population going this route, because ultimately, the more Black people game the system, THE SYSTEM WILL CHANGE. Meaning, ultimately we have to form our own community and deal with each other. In the meantime, if 10% of you follow this route and are successful, it will help all of us.

  • you should start your freshman year of high school.

  • every single grade you get in high school should be an A. you get those As however you can. trust me, there are people that pay people to get them As. [don't be an idiot, this is  your life we're talking about. there is no honesty in life. only fools play that game.]

  • research ivy league schools. they are the be all end all of going from a mediocre life, to a WHOLE NOTHER LEVEL.

  • depending on the ivy league school research, do extra-curricular activities that the school likes. it's a formula. they look at the application and approve it before even talking to you, don't let them fool you.

  • try and be captain, president, you name it, of all the clubs you join. you're looking to be a leader not a follower.

  • buy and research books about scholarships. you can very easily make $50k a year in scholarships. research these in your freshman year in highschool.

  • Senior year, apply for scholarships like it's your damn job. Get enough scholarships to pay for school, and a car, and a house note, and spending money.

  • once you get into college, take the lightest load you can, to get straight As.

  • go to college year round, remember you got enough money in scholarships to do it. your light load will make it so it takes you longer to graduate, so that's wh you go year round to reduce the time.

  • when time approaches for you to graduate, you must graduate top of your class. if there is someone ahead of you and they will graduate the same semester as you, either graduate early or later than them. being top of the class will put you into an entirely different atmosphere for the rest of your life.

  • before you graduate, try and get into some aspect of business. The money involved in business is nearly limitless.

  • you want to set yourself up, so that you're sitting in the board room, not the mail room.

  • research at least 500 companies, AT LEAST, before even applying to one. If you find out that a company is racist or has only a few or no black executives, put that company in your trash file. you're not out to save the world, just to set your life up for success. for this research, YOU set up interviews of black executives in that company. setup real serious questions. be very very specific about what you want to know about the company. ask questions about negotiating salaries and benefits.

  • hire a company to make your resume. make sure they concentrate on or have precise experience in your field and question 20 different resume writing companies with the same ability. make them each give you a sample of their work. Meanwhile, when you're interviewing these 500 company black executives, have them look over those samples to see which one they would choose. most like you, you can set out the samples on the table in front of them and they will pick out the ones that catch their eye in a second.

  • after you've done your research and had your resume done, apply to the top 100 companies. when you apply include a resume, and business card. call each company after you're sure they've received it. after that call, send a card in expressing your wish to be hired.

Your life takes planning.

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