Friday, August 20, 2010

For Blacks: I'm White! I'm Better Than You!

The Myth of Being White

Down in the Bayou
So many people confuse statistics with a real application to "individuals".  And, it confuses both white people and Black people alike.  For instance, you might hear a study that says the average white person has 85% more wealth than the average Black person, in America.  While the statistic may be true, it has zero application to everyone.  It is no more applicable to the average white person than the negative statistic is a hindrance to the average Black person.

Have you had a white person say to your face, that they are better than you, simply because they are white?  I have.  Many times.  It doesn't even phase me.  Because, I know a few things, just by them saying this.  First of all, they say this to my face, because they are overwhelmingly threatened by my superiority over them.  I am more handsome, smarter, craftier, wiser, more frugal, patient and generally not a bone head.  I am more educated, more traveled, and live, more often than not,  a far better lifestyle than they do.  Secondly, a truly superior being, such as myself, would never need to evoke verbally that he is better than someone else.  Being better than someone, isn't something that you voice, it just is.

Why White People Are Not Superior to Black People

The vast majority of notions about white people being superior to Black people in America has absolutely nothing to do with any physical, emotional nor social notion of superiority.  White "superiority" is derived from institutional frameworks that seek to steal resources from Black people and deposit it into white hands.

Institutional Racism Includes Poor Whites?

Father, Son, Brothers (yes all 3)
It means simply, that white people from the beginning of the country and even during colonial times, passed laws to ensure than Black labor, intelligence, and social power were sucked out of Blacks and given to whites FOR PROFIT.  It had nothing to do with penis size, education, knowledge or capacity to learn.

Many bigoted whites have taken institutional racism to mean that they are superior humans.  This was never the case.  In fact the truly powerful white people, that got these laws passed, laugh at these country bumpkins who took it upon themselves to express hatred for Blacks, when they themselves were never included in the economic transference of wealth.

Even more shocking was the blow when slavery, Jim Crow and other institutional forms of racism were simply dropped.  And why were they dropped?  Because they were inefficient and unnecessary tools to steal Black wealth and power and deliver it into wealthy white hands.  When technology caught up, slavery was not an issue.  When technology caught up, Black civil rights were not an issue.  Once technology caught up, institutional racism reformed and readjusted to a sleeker form of racism.

Institutional racism became more and more refined to the point that elite whites included poor whites in their scheme to steal riches.  So the very person screaming about how superior he is because he's white, is ignorant of the fact that, he technically speaking isn't even white, in the real scenario of the world.  If he is on a level where he rubs elbows with you, in the same circle, he might as well put on overalls and call himself a negro, because the real "white" people have thrown him under the bus right along with us Black folks.

[take this post as a joke.  it was written in jest.  but, sadly, according to my research it is true.  those that are in the halls of power never intended Blacks to be hated.  They were simply seen as a convenient cheap labor force.  After a century of practicing this, the powers that be have refined their negotiating for a cheap labor force and have made it nearly and art form.  Think about it for a second. And, no there's no need to think I'm talking about some clandestine conspiracy.  It is quite out in the open.]

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Anonymous said...

I am superior to you because I understand the the rules of English grammar, and I can make a logical argument. Both of which you can apparently not.

Thank you,


Shakaama said...

The irony of you saying you have superior grammar in your 2 sentence comment, which completely fails at the rules of grammar is not lost on me. Thanks for the laugh ... Whitey? ... weird name.

Anonymous said...

I don't no where to stand ! I think many black people are fine and intelligent people , however I was bullied by a black person during school I decided to hate him and not the race! Some black people do admit to playing off the slave trade and how brutal it was which it was but without it none of the black community would be in America ! Also it was white people who freed the blacks from the slave trade. I'm undecided about this many whites are welcoming and kind to blacks but in America rich kids in fast cars see themselves above everyone so I wouldn't worry about it if anything be as kind as possible !

Shakaama said...

It is odd, I had a KKK friend. We never talked about his involvement, but we studied together, ate dinner together, walked to class together. He never called me names or anything. It was funny to me.

It is human nature to not like someone that is "bullying" you. It takes a whole nother level of hatred to ascribe what one human is doing, as to be somehow related to an entire heritage of people.

Sure, you could hate all pirates. You could hate all ninjas. That's a smart thing to do, because those groups are pretty dangerous people. It is in your best interest to hate them. But hating all Black people? white people? latinos? That makes no sense.

As I said in the post though, the powers that be never intended Black people to be hated by their poorer white counterparts. They just saw Black people as a cheap labor source. And, contrary to popular belief that only went on in the south, where they needed a huge manual labor pool. In the north it was skilled labor.

Somehow the story got all twisted and disjunctured. But noone stepped in and revealed the truth, until the past 20 years really.

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