Thursday, August 19, 2010

Online and Getting Older

Being Online

There has literally been an explosion in upstart companies with sites as their business.  They are all of the same business plan: get people to make profiles; charge per profile; setup website to peruse and have limited interaction with other profiles.  Now, that's not the amazing thing in this article.  What is truly amazing about this boom in the sites  business is the "why" of it.  Why are there so many sites  businesses now?

Why There are so Many Online Sites

Let's approach my conclusion together.  First of all what are the key components to have a successful sites  business: plenty of members; so many members that nearly every gender and racial type are all included; member with money enough to pay large entry fees and continuing fees.

Once you get into talking about fees, you are talking about people with enough money that they can waste it on your website and not miss it.  With that said, the demographic of people with expendable cash, starts at around 30 years old.

But wait, the average 30 year old is still going to clubs, going to bars, picking up chicks / guys as they want.  So catering to 30 year olds might not be the best thing.  Your viewership of an sites  website would be sorely lacking if you catered to 30 year olds.  So you have to kick it to the next age group.  The 40 year olds.

The demographic of sites  websites shows you, in fact, that a majority of the people who are members on these sites are indeed in their 40s.  Now why is this?

Online and 40 Years Old

For most people, when they think of online, they think of some teenage kid who is playing a game or chatting with high school friends.  This is a fallacy.  A majority of the online internet users, use the internet strictly for pornography.  All the other users combined do not equal the massive number of people who strictly use the internet for pornography.  And, invariably, these users are vastly middle aged.  They are not kids, nor are they young adults.

So why are there so many middle aged people on the internet searching for "love"?  Because America is going to hell in a handbasket.

  • Educational reading levels have dropped in the past 50 years.  Political participation and understanding has dropped in the past 50 years.  There are less people, in America today, who are aware of any of the last 100 pieces of legislation passed in congress, than there was 50 years ago.
  • We work more, today, for less pay than we did 50 years ago.  That's across the board, whites and Black people included.  Even with a second income in the home, each family makes less today than they did 50 years ago.
  • As money shortens, so does time.  We are constantly bombarded with the notion that "YOU DO NOT HAVE TIME".  It is a message that is repeated over and over and over.  Instructional videos now add "quickly" as their motto.  We purchase ready made food that is supposed to be faster than food made by hand, from scratch.  However, noone ever takes the time to measure the time it takes to make the prepared food, over the by hand food.  The prepared food takes just as long and is nearly deadly to you.  But, the marketing continues unabated, making sure you think that you do not have time.
This last point is the genie in the bottle.  Since we are told "YOU DO NOT HAVE TIME" then we apply it to all aspects of life, including our relationships.  Instead of us going out in public and meeting someone of the opposite gender , exchanging numbers and setting up a date to have ice cream together, instead we pay someone else for the privelege of meeting someone, exchanging numbers and setting up a date to have ice cream.  Wait!  What?

Wait Till You See Him in Person
Also, obviously 40 year olds don't have time to be wasting going out to bars and trying to meet some woman at happy hour, instead with a few click of the buttons you can meet her online, in the comfort of your underoos.

We grow more and more sad as we age.  More and more middle agers flock to the internet to meet people.  More and more middle agers are engaging in risky behavior like.  Middle aged people are now catching young diseases.

We are also constantly bombared with false claims that divorce rates are outstripping the marriage rate.  We are constantly bombarded with propaganda that marriage "doesn't matter".  You've heard it.  "Marriage is just a piece of paper."  I have heard it from girls, young girls.  They think that by saying that, that they are somehow cosmopolitan, which is probably where they got that saying from.  The truth is, divorce is nowhere near the marriage rate, not among whites and even less among Blacks.  I am happy to say that divorce among Blacks is much lower, per capita, than that of whites.

With that in mind though, singles become afraid to get married to someone.  With that in mind, middle aged people are now single / never married, moreso than ever before in the history of the entire world.  So, they flock to the internet to engage in activities, reserved for young people seeking to discover what gender is about, finding the right spouse.  However, they already know what gender is about, and they are not interested in finding a spouse.

So many have resolved themselves to being alone for the rest of their lives, also, than ever before in the history of the planet.  Men are resolving themselves to never marrying.  Women are resolving to dedicating themselves to their careers, not having children, and never marrying.  So this pathetic cadre of people are going to the internet to get an instant fix on their need to procreate and have meaningful human contact.  However, in their delusional state, they are not understanding that, that's what they are seeking.

A man needs to procreate.  A woman needs to procreate.  Humans need meaningful human contact, i.e. contact with someone of the opposite gender that is not just a friend.

With the data that I looked at, to write this article, I see every indication that this is all an elaborate hoax to get everyone in America to buy into the notions of :
  • you have no time
  • marriage is outdated
  • someone else can help you find a date
  • you will always be alone for the rest of your life
  • divorce is inevitable
It is readily apparently, in my eyes, that these were hoisted upon American society, on purpose.  When a woman / man has not had gender in years, he/she does not perform at their optimum.  When a human is deprived of meaningful human contact, they do not perform at their optimum.  When a human is beaten into submission that they are not worthy of marriage, they will never perform at their optimum.

Why would we want humans to not perform at their optimum in America?  So that they can be completely controlled.  If you are not performing at your optimum, you are not going to pay attention to legislation passed by a huge pharmaceutical company.  If you are not performing at your optimum, you are not going to realize that your job has been removed and shipped overseas, and you could have done something about it.  If you are not performing at your optimum, you are incapable of standing up for your human rights.

So we have degenerate, middle aged people, flocking to the internet, who have bought into all of the media propaganda that they are not worthy of finding someone on their own.

What is amazing, is that they do not realize that they run into viable mates all damn day long: at the grocery store; at the book store; at the library; at the park; at the gas station; at the mall; on the running trail; at the ball game; at the fireworks show; at the plant nursery; at a restaurant; at church [the best possible place].

What is equally amazing is that the sad middle agers don't realize that they are doing all the work for the companies.  They are bringing themselves to the website [bingo new customer].  They are uploading pictures and a profile [bingo new material].  They are paying subscription fee [bingo more dollars].  They are perusing the other's profiles and making the effort to meet them.  They are still paying for the date.  They are still setting the date up.

After all this, and we are talking about sane reasoning adults, they don't understand that they can do all this in the line at the supermarket. I mean there you are being all healthy, and there he is, being all healthy, and you ignore him.  Really!?!?!?!?!?  You could just as easily say excuse me and ask what he's buying and how often he uses it.   I don't know anything better than striking up a conversation in a place where both of your obviously have an interest.  And, it's free.

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Spaz said...

I think with Viagra hitting the market it made a lot of older people um, "rise" to the occasion. Also back in their day Sex Ed was not in school so you didn't openly dicuss these things.

Also humanity's biggest flaw is the, "It'll never happen to me" thought. But then it does and oh crap now what?

I myself have no problem with online dating Just men and women of any age need to have their wits about them. I have a few weird stories about my time on lol.

I think some people use Craiglist for casual sex but I do think some (like myself) just never know where to go to meet people. And if your city is bad (like my home town) you don't know where to go to meet somebody half way decent. (Which is kind of why I turned to match.)

So men and women, young and old. Be careful, meet in brightly lit public places and just be smart and use protection. :)


Don't be silly use your head and cover your willy!


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